28 February 2011

2011 Academy Awards

Last night, we went over to the Guerrero's house for the Oscars. I don't usually want to watch award shows, but I really like James Franco and I wanted to see how he did hosting [meh was the result]. Also, I LOVE seeing what all the movie stars wear - some looked stunning and some looked like a hot mess. My favs were Gwyneth Paltrow and Mila Kunis. They looked absolutely gorgeous! 

I also have to give some love to the men. Justin Timberlake looked very handsome in his tux!

We ate stuffed french toast and I intended to make this dessert but time got away from us and we were all stuffed from the stuffed french toast anyway [hehe]. I'll have to make it later this week and I'll let you know how it turns out. Did anyone else watch? What were your favorite dresses?

-Little Wife Power House

24 February 2011

i want, i want! [down the road]

I told you guys I've been thinking about baby #2 lately. Calm down, Allan :) I still have my baby, no rush to have another! Anyway, I'm not going to tell you about which celebrity I first saw using this carrier [she's ridiculous!] but it looked comfy so I checked it out. Great reviews - and they have an organic option! They are a little pricey but I figure I won't be getting as much with baby #2 so it's okay to splurge on one or two things, right? I think it's worth it to get a good carrier. Holden only fit in his sling for .2 seconds and didn't really like it much anyways since he liked to look around, not be smooshed up in the sling. Our next baby will probably like to be smooshed in the sling but at least we'll have both options! Go here to look at Ergo's line of baby carriers. 

-Little Wife Power House 

PS Men are not dramatic at all when sick. Husband tells us earlier via twitter that he has a "man cold." Later, I heard these words come out of his mouth..."Jen, I think you need to increase my life insurance policy." I love you, my sickly honey.

23 February 2011

here's to happiness

 [get this awesome print here]

1. morning hugs from my baby boy & husband
2. putting together my son's playroom
3. walks around the neighborhood in this perfect weather
4. warm banana bread straight from the oven
5. checking things off my to-do list
6. massages
7. wearing hubby's hoodies
8. thinking about baby #2 [don't get too excited, guys! It'll still be a while.]
9. letting the dishes sit in the sink for a little longer to play peek-a-boo
10. scrubs. JD, Turk, Dr Cox, the whole gang.

What makes you happy?

-Little Wife Power house

22 February 2011

sneak preview

Over Christmas break, we had family pictures taken. It had been about two years. We added Holden to the mix and JR & Asher changed so much over those two years - it was time to get them updated. Here is a little preview. I love love love how tina captured all of our favorite holden faces. Especially the last one - classic Holden.

The good looking Guerrero's...

My beautiful Mom and Sister, Julie...

How did Steve get this pretty girl to marry him?

The whole family!

Awwww...we're in love :)

Tina did a fabulous job. Highly recommend her!

-Little Wife Power House

21 February 2011

a little here and a little there

My current project is the upstairs playroom. I'm glad I started early because it's been more work than I first anticipated but it's going to look SO good when it's all said and done. I'm really looking forward to posting before [I think I have some somewhere...] and after pictures. You won't believe it's the same room! I've been picking up things here and there. Today's find was baskets to store/organize Holden's toys.

I found this deal through melissa at 320 Sycamore [I've been finding a lot of deals from her blog lately!] I appreciate a good deal. For President's Day, Michael's wicker baskets are 50% off plus you can use an additional 20% off coupon. I saved some serious dough today which makes me ridiculously happy!

Wanna see the baskets? 

Filled with toys...

I also got a few smaller ones. I like having different sized baskets on hand for organizing. Now all I need are the shelves! IKEA, Allan?! :) I also picked up a bread basket - finally! I've been wanting one forever!

Happy President's Day, everyone! Hope you're enjoying your 3-day weekend [if you got today off]!

-Little Wife Power House

19 February 2011

i [heart] Target

I'm a little obsessed with Target. I'm going to have to start limiting myself to one trip a week because I go there for one thing and end up spending at least $70! It's a problem. The first step is admitting you have a problem, right? Well I'm Jen Anderson and I have a Target problem!! I know I'm not alone in this. Lately I've found some great deals - especially in the dollar section. Melissa over at 320*Sycamore found these wonderful tin buckets for a DOLLAR each! Within a few hours I was at Target cleaning them out. Sorry for those who shop at the Target off Eldorado...they're cleaned out of these awesome tin buckets! 

I've already found so many great uses for them! Holding my baby boy's bath toys...

Finally...somewhere to put all of our "every day" items that are always hanging around on our bathroom counter! 

Like Melissa, I love the look of my extra hand towel rolled up in our guest bath. 

To hold some items that are usually strung about under the sink...

There are so many great uses for these buckets. I find buckets/bins/etc very helpful in keeping things organized. I can't wait to figure out what I want to do with the ones I have left! The possibilities are endless! You can visit Melissa's post HERE to get a few more ideas. 

A few more great recent Target finds [I'm telling you because they may still have them if you're interested!]

1. left over Valentine's decorations. $3.73 for this cute cookie jar!

2. Gilmore Girls complete seasons 1&2 for $14.99. Did anyone else love this show? [besides my sister, Julie, and SIL, Casey]

3. buy Just Dance 2 and get Just Dance Kids free! I love the word free! $30 value. Just Dance 2 is fun and a great workout. I highly recommend it! 

Enjoy the weekend! Spend time with your loved ones. I know I will be :)

-Little Wife Power House

PS Look what we are having for breakfast...

Just cut a whole in the center of some homestyle biscuits [I used the top of our salt shaker] and fry them up! Dipped in sugar and some in nutella. Soo unhealthy but soo good...

18 February 2011

i love remembering these moments...

This was one of the many moments I witnessed while dating Allan where I said to myself, "He's going to be one great Dad." I was right! This was when JR was two [I think]. He absolutely adored Allan [still does]. Whenever I come over without Allan JR asks, "Where's Uncle Allan?!"

-Little Wife Power House

17 February 2011

the Easter bunny came early!

Happy [early] Easter from the cutest bunny around town! 

Ears courtesy of PBK. Blair & I were picking up Holden's Easter basket and I just had to get these! How could I not?!

-Little Wife Power House

PS. Guess what we're going to see this weekend? Gnomeo & Juliet! I'm so excited :) 

15 February 2011

quality time with not-so-jumbo-Jett

You're probably wondering what the title of this post means. Well...Jett was a chubby baby. Chubbiest baby I've seen since Allan [I can't leave out that he was also adorable!] We called him Jumbo Jett [in a loving way, of course]. Just like his Uncle Allan, the second he was mobile he slimmed right up. He is now the adorable two-year-old you'll see in the next few pictures!

I got to watch Jett for a little so Jennifer could attend her 6-year-old's Valentine Party at school without a crazy toddler to chase. Jett  & Koda became instant friends. 

I've been very pleasantly surprised by the way Koda interacts with little kids now. She is an angel...who woulda thunk! She does not growl or snap at all! She just loves them, gives them kisses, plays with them, and lets them pet her. Go Koda!!

Jett was such a good cousin to play with Holden while in his "prison" - I mean activity center!

While I was chasing Jett around [toddlers get into everything!], Holden played on the floor in his super cute outfit [thx, target]. 

[yes, it says "Mommy says I'm the BEST BABY EVER:)]

I've been getting a lot of nephew time lately and I'm loving it. Allan asked me the other day if I was stacking up favors. I said oh yeah I am! JK 

-Little Wife Power House

taking advantage of the weather

Holden & I just got back from a walk to the park for some swing time. Here are a few pictures of my cutie. 

-Little Wife Power House

a little valentine's day fun

As a family, we decided nothing flashy for Valentine's this year. No fancy dinners, no fancy gifts, etc. Allan broke the rules though and got me a new apron and THIS. Holden and I spent the afternoon making a few Valentine's for some friends...

I made candied pecans and printed out the recipe. I still need to drop them off...sorry friends! I'll get them to you soon! We made a card for Daddy. Getting a 7 month old's handprint is harder than you would think. Opening & closing...moving. It turned out decent. 

I picked up a heart shaped pizza from Papa Murphy's because it just looked so romantical...and I wasn't in the mood to cook a big meal. I'm a wonderful wife, eh? :)

We chose Stardust for nostalgic reasons [we watched it the first night we kissed. TMI? haha] I had been exhausted ALL day and feeling sick...so I was a lame-o wife and feel asleep part way through the movie. Good thing we weren't trying to make V-Day special this year...The only thing that mattered was that I got to spend the evening with my Valentine, Allan. I love you!

-Little Wife Power House

13 February 2011

Happy 7 Monthday, Holden!


Okay, so your 7 month birthday celebrato/dinner was a little more stressful than it could have been. We had Gigi & the Guerrero's over [as usual]. I've been wanting to try this Philly Cheesesteak Sandwich recipe and thought this would be the perfect occasion. I went grocery shopping on Tuesday, purchased all the deli bread, meat, peppers & onions, provolone cheese, etc. Then the morning of your "party" I realize I bought ground beef, not cube steak. Don't ask how I got the two mixed up. I'm serious about this - I've lost my mind since having you. Then right before I'm about to start cooking...I realize ALL of the deli bread I've bought has gone moldy! UGH! This was one day when I was too prepared. It bit me right in the butt. Luckily, I had a few heros of the day who got me the right meat & bread. Phew. I'm lucky to have people like that! 

The recipe says to set the oven to broil and stick the assembled sandwiches in to melt the cheese. Okay, let me tell you. Only put them in for like 30 seconds. I burned the first batch [luckily not too badly...still edible] but I'm like REALLY?! Could anything else go wrong with this recipe? Haha...it's really a pretty easy recipe - I was just having one of those days. We all have those days where nothing goes right. Please say I'm not the only one! The recipe was yummy and I will definitely be making it again. Hopefully with less hiccups next time...

Gigi brought a cookie cake AND homemade creme puffs [which were DELICIOUS!]. What a perfect way to celebrate your 7 month birthday. I can't believe you're 7 months already. I loved you as a little tiny baby...holding you...but you are so fun now. I love interacting with you and watching you learn. You are so smart already and I know you are going to do great things. I can't wait to see what those great things are! We love you to the moon & back. 

Nicknames: Booger, Bubba
Temperament: You have become an even more of a momma's boy in the past month. You are a lot more playful. You are not as serious [although you are still serious] and you like to play. You give people smiles every once in a while now and it's like gold to them!
Things I Could Do Without: Skipping naps. There was one week in the past month that was amazing...you were taking two naps and sleeping through the night too. Unfortunately, that was short lived. Now you sleep for about 40-60 minutes during the day TOTAL and wake up once in the middle of the night. You're often times cranky when we're out and about trying to be social. It's tough to have a fun time when you've got a cranky baby.  
Item/Toy We Love The Most: The Ball Bopper [these balls get shot out, go back in, and get shot out again]. Dad chose this one!  
Item/Toy You Love The Most: The activity center. You play with every single toy on it now and can turn yourself around and around. You've even figured out the toys that have little quirks. 
Things I'm Loving Most Right Now: We love how you watch yourself open & close your hand. You love to see how things work and figure things out for yourself. Dad loves how you bite his nose and hold on tight. We love how you lay in bed with us [Saturday & Sunday morning snuggles are the best!]
Things You're Loving Most Right Now: Backyardigans. Squash. Rolling. Your stuffed monkey. Going on walks. My necklace with yours & daddy's names on it. 

Milestones: You've learned how to turn off the light switch. You went swinging for the first time and [as always] you were just trying to figure out what was going on...how were you flying?

Go HERE for The Philly Cheesesteak Sandwich recipe. I recommend it! If you're not a space cadet like me it will be a breeze!

-Little Wife Power House

08 February 2011

being an aunt is so fun!

Today I get to watch my nephews, JR & Asher for a few hours. So far there's been fun, a mini oven disaster, one Asher breakdown [he does NOT like the word "no!" Even when he's not in trouble!], and a little snuggle time with Aunt Jen. 

We had a few donuts for breakfast. I didn't have any pictures but these are from the last time I watched the boys...donuts are a hit with these two. 

[These pictures are a prime example of their different personalities! Neat, organized JR and Wild Man Ash! I love it.]

We watched an episode of the Backyardigans while I fed Holden his breakfast. Holden's breakfast was not quite so yummy...mashed up peas, carrots, and spinach - blach! 

We ATTEMPTED to make a Valentine's version of the Christmas Crayons...but it was a DISASTER! I maybe didn't think about the tray not being made of silicon...we were so excited to go check on them and see the crayons all melting together and what did I find? THE TRAY MELTING. 

Smoke filled my whole house and it smelled awful. I was trying to get Asher out of the kitchen when the meltdown started. So not only was the tray melting and the crayons melting...but Asher was joining in on the mayhem! It was pretty short lived though, thankfully. 

Since the house was so smoky, we moved to my bedroom [the door had been shut] to watch a little Mulan and snuggle. These boys are too cute!

[Don't you just want to cuddle in bed with those smiley boys?]

We've now moved onto the playroom so baby Holden can try to go down for a nap. 
[Why do boys make guns out of everything?]

The boys are happily playing while Aunt Jen blogs about their wonderfulness. I think I could handle another kid! But not quite yet...

-Little Wife Power House

07 February 2011

getting out of my comfort zone

I've never been a big fan of getting out of my comfort zone. I like my comfort zone. It's, well, comfortable. I don't have to feel uncomfortable, or nervous, or anxious. The problem is that it's hard to grow when you're stuck in there. Church callings are one of those great things that always seem to push you way out of your comfort zone. Well, with the exception of my last calling [best.calling.ever]. Teaching the Sunbeams [3 turning 4]. 

Now I'm the second counselor in the Primary Presidency. Tonight I was talking to the Pres about our "comfort zones" and we both agreed that our callings have pushed us - especially her!! She's THE Pres! I don't know exactly where her comfort zone is but I can talk about mine.

I've never been great about talking to people I don't know. That's why I've been in the ward for almost a year and hardly know anyone. I don't mind keeping to myself. People probably think I'm rude but I swear I'm not! I really love talking to people and getting to know people. I just feel really awkward approaching people I don't know. It's actually that I mostly feel awkward asking people I don't know [actually, anyone really] for favors or getting information or whatever the case may be. If it's not chatting about our cute kids or hubbys or whatever, say hello to Awkward Jen! Well, I'll have to get over that - and QUICK! I'm over Baptisms for the Primary so I'll have to coordinate with the parents. This will be the perfect opportunity to push me a little [but not too much]. 

Next is speaking in front of people. Thankfully, I have Allan to practice with me the night before. He's the BEST speaker/teacher ever [and I'm not just saying that because I'm his wife. It's true - ask anyone] and he always helps me with things to say and whatnot. Thank goodness for my hubby! Well, the first week I was in Primary as the second counselor it was just me & our secretary. Did I mention I don't like speaking in front of people?! I was conducting and doing sharing time. Queue the shaky voice [thanks, Mom. I totally got that from you!] It turned out better than I expected. No shaky voice!! I made it through and that's all that matters. But Leslie - don't do that to me again! JK. Carol [our secretary] was a life saver. I wouldn't have made it through the day without her. Primary is the perfect arena to help me with public speaking. Why? Because they're kids and they don't really listen to what you're saying anyway! You can mess up and they won't think you're an idiot.

Next thing I'm not great at is being put on the spot. You may think I'm insincere about this but I truly am not. I'm grateful that I have the opportunity to work on being OK with being put on the spot because it's probably what I'm the worst at. I'm a planner. A serious planner. This is probably the area where Allan and I differ most. He thrives on being put on the spot. He can be in Sacrament meeting, get pulled out by someone asking him to teach Gospel Doctrine in 30 minutes and give the best lesson you ever heard. Me? I need at least a week to plan for anything where I have to get in front of people. More than a week? Even better. I like to know when I'm going to be speaking/teaching and on what subject well in advance. These are things I like. That is my comfort zone. I ended up volunteering very last minute to explain the "Reverent Reporter" to the Primary kids because our first counselor was at home sick [being sick is the worst]. I was terrible and the kids were probably more confused when I was done but I did it! I was proud of myself first: for volunteering and second: for not cratering and standing up there red faced & shaky voiced. Can I pat myself on the back? OK, enough with the bragging. It was such a small thing but I pushed myself to do something I normally wouldn't do. 

I love being in Primary. I think the Bishopric member that gave me my calling was a little taken back when I was so happy and excitedly accepted the calling. I really believe it's where I'm meant to be in the church. I've had other callings with other age groups and it just wasn't the same. Heavenly Father really does know me, eh? 

-Little Wife Power House

02 February 2011

John, this blog post is for you

This blog post is mostly for my brother, John. He's basically the best jumping picture taker ever. He's gotten our whole family into it over the last few years. My favorite has to be the last one - rockin' the air guitar mid jump! Perfection! These pictures were taken at BYU campus: 

These were taken at J Dogs...I think that's what it's called. My brother, Chris, is obsessed with their hot dogs.

John & I went down to Temple Square [just us] one night and it was freezing. I love temples at night. They are so beautiful when lit up. Especially SLC.
Last but not least, we celebrated John & Shane's birthdays. Threw them a fabulous party with cake, friends, and awkward embraces between the birthday boys. See below...

They made a wish, fed cake to each other, John smashed it in Shane's face, and then the chase began...yes, they are straight :)

Love you, John. You're such a great brother and I always have a blast with you :)

-Little Wife Power House