23 February 2011

here's to happiness

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1. morning hugs from my baby boy & husband
2. putting together my son's playroom
3. walks around the neighborhood in this perfect weather
4. warm banana bread straight from the oven
5. checking things off my to-do list
6. massages
7. wearing hubby's hoodies
8. thinking about baby #2 [don't get too excited, guys! It'll still be a while.]
9. letting the dishes sit in the sink for a little longer to play peek-a-boo
10. scrubs. JD, Turk, Dr Cox, the whole gang.

What makes you happy?

-Little Wife Power house

1 comment:

  1. 1. Slow mornings snuggling in bed.
    2. Chocolate and Coke on a tough day.
    3. Hot baths with a great book.
    4. Pampering myself with a massage or pedicure.
    5. When my huney makes dinner and cleans up after.
    6. Kisses from JR & Asher.
    7. My guilty pleasure...Vampire Diaries.
    8. Thinking about baby #3...no rush!!! ;)
    9. When JR says, "Momma, I love you sooo much!"
    10. Enjoying the outdoors with my family. Preferably my WHOLE family. Utah clan included.