15 February 2011

quality time with not-so-jumbo-Jett

You're probably wondering what the title of this post means. Well...Jett was a chubby baby. Chubbiest baby I've seen since Allan [I can't leave out that he was also adorable!] We called him Jumbo Jett [in a loving way, of course]. Just like his Uncle Allan, the second he was mobile he slimmed right up. He is now the adorable two-year-old you'll see in the next few pictures!

I got to watch Jett for a little so Jennifer could attend her 6-year-old's Valentine Party at school without a crazy toddler to chase. Jett  & Koda became instant friends. 

I've been very pleasantly surprised by the way Koda interacts with little kids now. She is an angel...who woulda thunk! She does not growl or snap at all! She just loves them, gives them kisses, plays with them, and lets them pet her. Go Koda!!

Jett was such a good cousin to play with Holden while in his "prison" - I mean activity center!

While I was chasing Jett around [toddlers get into everything!], Holden played on the floor in his super cute outfit [thx, target]. 

[yes, it says "Mommy says I'm the BEST BABY EVER:)]

I've been getting a lot of nephew time lately and I'm loving it. Allan asked me the other day if I was stacking up favors. I said oh yeah I am! JK 

-Little Wife Power House

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  1. I appreciated that so much, Jen:) Thanks, again!