08 February 2011

being an aunt is so fun!

Today I get to watch my nephews, JR & Asher for a few hours. So far there's been fun, a mini oven disaster, one Asher breakdown [he does NOT like the word "no!" Even when he's not in trouble!], and a little snuggle time with Aunt Jen. 

We had a few donuts for breakfast. I didn't have any pictures but these are from the last time I watched the boys...donuts are a hit with these two. 

[These pictures are a prime example of their different personalities! Neat, organized JR and Wild Man Ash! I love it.]

We watched an episode of the Backyardigans while I fed Holden his breakfast. Holden's breakfast was not quite so yummy...mashed up peas, carrots, and spinach - blach! 

We ATTEMPTED to make a Valentine's version of the Christmas Crayons...but it was a DISASTER! I maybe didn't think about the tray not being made of silicon...we were so excited to go check on them and see the crayons all melting together and what did I find? THE TRAY MELTING. 

Smoke filled my whole house and it smelled awful. I was trying to get Asher out of the kitchen when the meltdown started. So not only was the tray melting and the crayons melting...but Asher was joining in on the mayhem! It was pretty short lived though, thankfully. 

Since the house was so smoky, we moved to my bedroom [the door had been shut] to watch a little Mulan and snuggle. These boys are too cute!

[Don't you just want to cuddle in bed with those smiley boys?]

We've now moved onto the playroom so baby Holden can try to go down for a nap. 
[Why do boys make guns out of everything?]

The boys are happily playing while Aunt Jen blogs about their wonderfulness. I think I could handle another kid! But not quite yet...

-Little Wife Power House

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  1. Thank you for loving my boys yesterday. You are the best Aunt ever...well, except for me. :)