31 January 2011

a little weekend fun

This weekend was perfect. It was productive. It was relaxing. We had family time. We had a "date." You'll see why I used quotes later. I got inspired by my sister, Lori, who is an amazing interior designer [I'm seriously lucky to have an interior designer for a sister!! My house is so much cuter because of her. No joke. The downside? None of us can make decisions about decorating our house anymore without Lori's approval first! lol.] She just completed a project that I had once considered and given up on. Once I saw how amazing hers looked though...I had to do it to our [future] playroom! I don't want to go into details about it though because I'm sure she'll blog about it and put up pictures so once she does, I'll put a link to it. Anyway, so I started collecting the things I'll need for that project but FIRST I had to finish another project I had on going. I hate having unfinished things before I start something new. Allan and I spent Friday evening hanging our picture wall. Here is a bad picture I took with my phone but you get the gist: 

Saturday was perfect. The weather has been so good we went to the Shops at Legacy and walked around outside, hit up Stonebriar Mall and got these bad boys for Holden. Doesn't he look "too cool"? 

Picked up my bridesmaid dress for Blair's wedding and saw this dress at David's Bridal. Oh my...so sad Blair didn't pick this one for us! JK!!

Our "date" consisted of Allan's sister & brother-in-law being so sweet watching Holden while we went to Lowe's, finding nothing close to what we wanted at Lowe's, and rushing back because Holden had a meltdown since Mom was gone. Still nice :) This morning Allan went to the dentist and came back for just a bit before he went into work. We played a little Mario Cart and even Holden got in on the action...

Then I got this cake stand I've been eyeing at Hobby Lobby for....HALF OFF!!

I love it so much. Thanks Hobby Lobby, for always helping me spend money. Hope everyone had a fun weekend! 

-Little Wife Power House

30 January 2011

as requested...

Here are a few quick pics of my cutie. Don't worry, guys, he'll be the star of my blog again soon :) 

I took Holden on a walk on Thursday and we decided to go to the park. The weather has been beautiful lately so we couldn't pass up a park day! Holden tried swinging for his first time and he loved it! Can't wait to go again.

Happy Sabbath!

-Little Wife Power House

28 January 2011

The Dating Days: Spring Break Spent Apart

Even though Allan won't be in any of these pictures, we were dating...so it counts, right? I went up to Utah to visit my brothers/Emily and Dad for Spring Break '08. I was gone for 9 days and [mushhhhy] missed Allan terribly! But I had a blast. Look at these awesome jumping pictures we took...

[I love how casual John looks]
 [BEST.PICTURE.EVER! Yes, I was a cheerleader.]

 [having a little fun at Temple Square]
[we even got my Dad & Elizabeth in on the fun!]

We went to the conference center. I want to go to Utah sometime in the summer when the garden on top of the conference center is in full bloom. I bet it's beautiful...

[HEY! They look just like me & John!]

[I love my bro and miss him. and miss those sunglasses. JUNO WHAT!]

We also went shopping in Park City [you have to do that when up in Utah. I loooove Park City. I saw David Boreanez there one time!] I found a hot new boyfriend to replace Al for a few days...

 Actually - two hot boyfriends!

Anyway, it was so much fun. This is making me want to go up there! How bad would it be driving up there with a one year old? Probably bad...

-Little Wife Power House

27 January 2011

The Dating Days: Levi's Fiesta

These are our friends, Mindy & Levi...

The birthday boy, Zost:

They are such great friends and now they have this adorable baby boy...

Mindy planned this whole awesome party complete with mustaches, a pinata, and a nacho eating contest. You know Allan won the nacho eating contest! He had me stack all 6 chips [plus tons of queso] and shoved them in his mouth at one time. Yuck! And impressive...

Here is Levi trying to crack that pinata wide open. He reminds me of Luigi [from the Mario Brothers] for some reason in this picture.

Doesn't Allan look creepy? Haha...there's a picture where he looks even creepier but I decided against it for everyone's sake :)

I love Rachel so much. She is one of the funniest people I've met in a long time without even trying. Read about her & her hubby's shenanigans in their new stomping grounds here

Finally, the big, group shot!

Happy very, super, extremely late birthday, Levi!

-Little Wife Power House

26 January 2011

The Dating Days: Putt Putt & Arcade Games

For Chris' 18th birthday, we took John Robert putt putting for his first time. Putt putting is one of those things that I'm not very good at but really enjoy [much like bowling]. 

Little tidbit about my little bro, Chris. He finds little joy in activities unless he is giving 100% and kicking everyone's butts. I say competitive, Chris says "That's normal, not competitive! Who would want to do something and not be good at it?" This was when we were bowling and I barely broke 50 :) Love that brother. He really is good at everything he wants to be good at. Basketball, bowling, WOW, the list goes on!  He's such a great brother and I can't wait to see what he does in life. 

Back to the putt putt/arcading. JR had a BLAST hitting the ball with the club! He whacked it, he missed it, and whacked away again. Here he is beating us all:

He got distracted by an elephant somewhere along the way...

We played a little DDR...

JR & Robert drove a Mack Truck, terrorizing highways everywhere...

Allan & Chris, of course, were drawn to the shooting games...

We really need to go back. We haven't been putt putting since then! Maybe for my 24th birthday we can go. Hard to believe I'll be 24 this year. When did I get so old? ;) JK!

-Little Wife Power House

25 January 2011

The Dating Days: The Heart Attack Burger

There's this place in Denton - I think it's called RG Burgers [stands for Real Good. It's something like that]. Anyway, we got together with a few of our friends to go there one evening. Allan thought it would be a good idea to order this burger:

It had two patties, like 3-5 pieces of THICK bacon, and everything else you could imagine. There was a disclaimer on the menu that stated an ambulance should be on stand-by. This is why a lot of Americans are overweight...because things like THIS are on the menus! 

Here's a picture of Allan trying to chew one bite. Yes, that's one bite in his cheek. 

This is also the night that Allan told Garrett he loved him [Garrett - is that right?] That's Garrett there in the vest with Allan & his mondo burger. We were leaving RG's and Allan was used to saying "love you" to me and when he was saying bye to Garrett he said, "Love you!" Garrett slowly turns....love you too? *confused look* hahaha. Allan also opened Garrett's door one time. Bromance? 

One last shot of the beast. This time demolished. 

-Little Wife Power House

24 January 2011

The Dating Days: Dallas Arboretum

Since I found all of these great old[er] pictures from my pre-blogging life, I think I'm going to do a "Dating Days" series and re-live some memories.

For today's post, I guess it's more accurately the "Engaged Days". 

These pictures were taken in June 2008. Back when my hair was super long and we weren't even married. It's crazy thinking about how much has changed since then. We've been in 3 houses [the last of which we purchased], I graduated college, Allan got a big boy job, we had a baby, Allan's been off DP about 100 times, the list goes on. 

One of our favorite things to do is go to the Dallas Arboretum. My mom has a family pass so we can go whenever we want! I love walking around when the weather's nice. They always have beautiful displays. 

[Look at that hair! I kind of miss it right now...I look so much different I think.] 

The Guerrero family always joins us and aren't they so cute? This was in the pre-Asher era. They've only gotten cuter. 

If only we had a looooong trenchcoat for the next picture...

i love looking so little next to my man. did i just call him "my man?" aye. 

This one's just weird/funny.

Check in tomorrow for more of the Dating Days Series!

-Little Wife Power House

23 January 2011

Honeymoon Continued

We did so many fun things and yesterday's post was already ridiculously long so I have to do a "Honeymoon Continued" post today. I think we came across "Anderson Valley" when we were headed back to San Fran from Mendocino...check it out.
Allan did a pretty good job of taking the picture backwards, eh? I love that I am still an Awesome Anderson even after getting married! We had the day to spend in San Francisco before our plane left late, late in the evening. Here we are driving across the Golden Gate Bridge. So foggy!
First we went to the Asian Art Museum.

It was great but for some reason that day I was DEAD TIRED. Couldn't keep my eyes open tired. I ended up falling asleep inside the museum on a bench. Yes, I was like a homeless person taking a nap inside the museum. Allan was so sweet, he just sat there for over an our while I napped on his lap. I'm sure people were walking past staring at us and Allan still sat there till I woke up. What a sweet guy. After that we went and saw a movie. $15 per person! So ridiculous...

Then we went to Fisherman's Wharf. Great food, great tourist-y shopping, great sites. 

[I bought this scarf at the Asian Art Museum]
[This is Alcatraz Island, I think]

I think that's the last of the honeymoon pictures. I'm glad I got to post all of them. I'll be doing a few posts from pictures a few years old just because it's fun to re-live those memories. And this way I'll have them all in one place with the stories behind them written out. Thanks, blog world, for being my forum for nostalgia :)

-Little Wife Power House

22 January 2011

Honeymoon Pictures!

I've been using my "user" on Allan's computer lately and I found these old pictures on it! These are pictures from our honeymoon [08.09.08-08.16.08]. Yep, we were married on 08.08.08. This was before I developed an allergy to contacts and could wear them still. Now I'm stuck with my glasses until we're rich and I can afford lasik [a girl can dream, right?].

As one of our sunbeams once said:
Sunbeam: Sister Anderson, your glasses are so silly.
Me: Why is that?
Sunbeam: They are SO big!
Oh, gotta love kids, right? Total honesty :) He's right though, they are really big and I love them!

Okay, back to the honeymoon. We flew into San Francisco where we rented a car and drove up the coast to Mendocino. It was a beautiful drive but took for-ev-er. We took the highway on the way back and the drive went from 6 hours to 1 hour. We stayed at a B&B in Mendocino and it was absolutely perfect. The weather was amazing. It was mid-August and we had to wear a hoodie at night! I wanted to stay there forever! We were seconds from the ocean and there were tons of cute shops within walking distance.  We stopped to take a few pictures on our drive up the coast:

a few cute stories about holden:
koda [our little chihuahua] is obsessed with footie socks. OBSESSED. We don't even have to buy chew toys for her because she prefers carrying around footie socks. We're fine with it because she doesn't chew them up or ruin them, just gently carries them around! It's hilarious. We think it's because when she was a little 1.5 pound puppy I cut holes in a footie [for her legs] and used it to keep her warm. Well, holden has taken up his sister's fascination. Look what I found him doing the other day when I was working...
we always say holden is a super baby genius. and yesterday he proved it! we were playing on the floor in his room with mr. fat hamster [don't know his name...I think he's from Bolt], a car, and a rattle. He was over the rattle & car. Mr. fat hamster was out of his reach down by his feet. That wasn't going to stop H from getting it! He used his feet to grab it and bring it to his hands then his hands to his mouth. It was amazing! Already a problem solving, little baby genius. Here is mr. fat hamster. It was the perfect size for him to grab with his feet.
Holden also has learned how to turn off the lights. I show him how to do it a few times then after a few tries...wabam! Aunt Lori, I think he might be ready for some Montessori lessons :)
Here is the H man playing with one of his rattles. I constantly find it interesting that he will hate playing with something one month and the next month it will be his favorite. He hasn't been into rattles up until this point but they are just the best now, apparently. he can't get enough of them. 
 [i'm gonna get this whole thing in my mouth...]
 ["i'm no show pony!" he threw his rattle down as soon as he saw the camera pointed at him.]
[okay fine. my desire to shove this in my mouth has overshadowed my desire to not be your show pony.]

Happy weekend! So glad it's finally here. What are your plans for the weekend?

-Little Wife Power House