07 February 2011

getting out of my comfort zone

I've never been a big fan of getting out of my comfort zone. I like my comfort zone. It's, well, comfortable. I don't have to feel uncomfortable, or nervous, or anxious. The problem is that it's hard to grow when you're stuck in there. Church callings are one of those great things that always seem to push you way out of your comfort zone. Well, with the exception of my last calling [best.calling.ever]. Teaching the Sunbeams [3 turning 4]. 

Now I'm the second counselor in the Primary Presidency. Tonight I was talking to the Pres about our "comfort zones" and we both agreed that our callings have pushed us - especially her!! She's THE Pres! I don't know exactly where her comfort zone is but I can talk about mine.

I've never been great about talking to people I don't know. That's why I've been in the ward for almost a year and hardly know anyone. I don't mind keeping to myself. People probably think I'm rude but I swear I'm not! I really love talking to people and getting to know people. I just feel really awkward approaching people I don't know. It's actually that I mostly feel awkward asking people I don't know [actually, anyone really] for favors or getting information or whatever the case may be. If it's not chatting about our cute kids or hubbys or whatever, say hello to Awkward Jen! Well, I'll have to get over that - and QUICK! I'm over Baptisms for the Primary so I'll have to coordinate with the parents. This will be the perfect opportunity to push me a little [but not too much]. 

Next is speaking in front of people. Thankfully, I have Allan to practice with me the night before. He's the BEST speaker/teacher ever [and I'm not just saying that because I'm his wife. It's true - ask anyone] and he always helps me with things to say and whatnot. Thank goodness for my hubby! Well, the first week I was in Primary as the second counselor it was just me & our secretary. Did I mention I don't like speaking in front of people?! I was conducting and doing sharing time. Queue the shaky voice [thanks, Mom. I totally got that from you!] It turned out better than I expected. No shaky voice!! I made it through and that's all that matters. But Leslie - don't do that to me again! JK. Carol [our secretary] was a life saver. I wouldn't have made it through the day without her. Primary is the perfect arena to help me with public speaking. Why? Because they're kids and they don't really listen to what you're saying anyway! You can mess up and they won't think you're an idiot.

Next thing I'm not great at is being put on the spot. You may think I'm insincere about this but I truly am not. I'm grateful that I have the opportunity to work on being OK with being put on the spot because it's probably what I'm the worst at. I'm a planner. A serious planner. This is probably the area where Allan and I differ most. He thrives on being put on the spot. He can be in Sacrament meeting, get pulled out by someone asking him to teach Gospel Doctrine in 30 minutes and give the best lesson you ever heard. Me? I need at least a week to plan for anything where I have to get in front of people. More than a week? Even better. I like to know when I'm going to be speaking/teaching and on what subject well in advance. These are things I like. That is my comfort zone. I ended up volunteering very last minute to explain the "Reverent Reporter" to the Primary kids because our first counselor was at home sick [being sick is the worst]. I was terrible and the kids were probably more confused when I was done but I did it! I was proud of myself first: for volunteering and second: for not cratering and standing up there red faced & shaky voiced. Can I pat myself on the back? OK, enough with the bragging. It was such a small thing but I pushed myself to do something I normally wouldn't do. 

I love being in Primary. I think the Bishopric member that gave me my calling was a little taken back when I was so happy and excitedly accepted the calling. I really believe it's where I'm meant to be in the church. I've had other callings with other age groups and it just wasn't the same. Heavenly Father really does know me, eh? 

-Little Wife Power House

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  1. You're the best! I would NEVER have known that any of these examples placed you out of your comfort zone because you seemed TOO comfortable. :) It's amazing how the Lord blesses you - even with the small things. You are doing an amazing job and I'm so blessed and excited to have you in the Presidency!...and I love working with you but moreso being able to get to know you more b/c you are AWESOME!