24 February 2011

i want, i want! [down the road]

I told you guys I've been thinking about baby #2 lately. Calm down, Allan :) I still have my baby, no rush to have another! Anyway, I'm not going to tell you about which celebrity I first saw using this carrier [she's ridiculous!] but it looked comfy so I checked it out. Great reviews - and they have an organic option! They are a little pricey but I figure I won't be getting as much with baby #2 so it's okay to splurge on one or two things, right? I think it's worth it to get a good carrier. Holden only fit in his sling for .2 seconds and didn't really like it much anyways since he liked to look around, not be smooshed up in the sling. Our next baby will probably like to be smooshed in the sling but at least we'll have both options! Go here to look at Ergo's line of baby carriers. 

-Little Wife Power House 

PS Men are not dramatic at all when sick. Husband tells us earlier via twitter that he has a "man cold." Later, I heard these words come out of his mouth..."Jen, I think you need to increase my life insurance policy." I love you, my sickly honey.

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  1. my friend got one of the ergo carriers for baby #4 and said she wished they had splurged for earlier babies. it's quality and the baby seems to fit in it longer than other carriers. maybe i'll get one for my baby #4 (because heaven knows, he's going to be drug all over the universe).