19 February 2011

i [heart] Target

I'm a little obsessed with Target. I'm going to have to start limiting myself to one trip a week because I go there for one thing and end up spending at least $70! It's a problem. The first step is admitting you have a problem, right? Well I'm Jen Anderson and I have a Target problem!! I know I'm not alone in this. Lately I've found some great deals - especially in the dollar section. Melissa over at 320*Sycamore found these wonderful tin buckets for a DOLLAR each! Within a few hours I was at Target cleaning them out. Sorry for those who shop at the Target off Eldorado...they're cleaned out of these awesome tin buckets! 

I've already found so many great uses for them! Holding my baby boy's bath toys...

Finally...somewhere to put all of our "every day" items that are always hanging around on our bathroom counter! 

Like Melissa, I love the look of my extra hand towel rolled up in our guest bath. 

To hold some items that are usually strung about under the sink...

There are so many great uses for these buckets. I find buckets/bins/etc very helpful in keeping things organized. I can't wait to figure out what I want to do with the ones I have left! The possibilities are endless! You can visit Melissa's post HERE to get a few more ideas. 

A few more great recent Target finds [I'm telling you because they may still have them if you're interested!]

1. left over Valentine's decorations. $3.73 for this cute cookie jar!

2. Gilmore Girls complete seasons 1&2 for $14.99. Did anyone else love this show? [besides my sister, Julie, and SIL, Casey]

3. buy Just Dance 2 and get Just Dance Kids free! I love the word free! $30 value. Just Dance 2 is fun and a great workout. I highly recommend it! 

Enjoy the weekend! Spend time with your loved ones. I know I will be :)

-Little Wife Power House

PS Look what we are having for breakfast...

Just cut a whole in the center of some homestyle biscuits [I used the top of our salt shaker] and fry them up! Dipped in sugar and some in nutella. Soo unhealthy but soo good...


  1. For some reason I want to spell nutella, gnutella. Its a weird programming thing.

  2. Yay! So glad you found some and you are most definitely putting them to good use!

  3. I didn't know you LOVE Gilmore Girls! That makes me extremely happy! Casey and I spent a lot of time watching and analyzing and quoting that show. It is definitely a top fave!