31 January 2011

a little weekend fun

This weekend was perfect. It was productive. It was relaxing. We had family time. We had a "date." You'll see why I used quotes later. I got inspired by my sister, Lori, who is an amazing interior designer [I'm seriously lucky to have an interior designer for a sister!! My house is so much cuter because of her. No joke. The downside? None of us can make decisions about decorating our house anymore without Lori's approval first! lol.] She just completed a project that I had once considered and given up on. Once I saw how amazing hers looked though...I had to do it to our [future] playroom! I don't want to go into details about it though because I'm sure she'll blog about it and put up pictures so once she does, I'll put a link to it. Anyway, so I started collecting the things I'll need for that project but FIRST I had to finish another project I had on going. I hate having unfinished things before I start something new. Allan and I spent Friday evening hanging our picture wall. Here is a bad picture I took with my phone but you get the gist: 

Saturday was perfect. The weather has been so good we went to the Shops at Legacy and walked around outside, hit up Stonebriar Mall and got these bad boys for Holden. Doesn't he look "too cool"? 

Picked up my bridesmaid dress for Blair's wedding and saw this dress at David's Bridal. Oh my...so sad Blair didn't pick this one for us! JK!!

Our "date" consisted of Allan's sister & brother-in-law being so sweet watching Holden while we went to Lowe's, finding nothing close to what we wanted at Lowe's, and rushing back because Holden had a meltdown since Mom was gone. Still nice :) This morning Allan went to the dentist and came back for just a bit before he went into work. We played a little Mario Cart and even Holden got in on the action...

Then I got this cake stand I've been eyeing at Hobby Lobby for....HALF OFF!!

I love it so much. Thanks Hobby Lobby, for always helping me spend money. Hope everyone had a fun weekend! 

-Little Wife Power House


  1. Love the photo wall! I was at David's Bridal yesterday, and they had some horribly ugly dresses! lol I wish I had a pic of the one we saw it was multicolored with a purple skirt and yellow tulle over it. Lovely... :)

  2. The picture wall looks amazing! Can't wait to see it in person this weekend :) !!!!
    The H man is getting so big!
    Beautiful cake stand!

    Love you!

  3. Your picture wall turned out so cute. The only thing that would make it cuter is a picture of me. :) I loved this post. It's so fun to see what you are up to. Holden is too cute with that remote. Love you.

  4. I would like to know more about this cake plate. I have one just like it and it has CCIB stamped on the bottom. I was trying to find out the maker. If you have more info, I would love to know more.