25 January 2011

The Dating Days: The Heart Attack Burger

There's this place in Denton - I think it's called RG Burgers [stands for Real Good. It's something like that]. Anyway, we got together with a few of our friends to go there one evening. Allan thought it would be a good idea to order this burger:

It had two patties, like 3-5 pieces of THICK bacon, and everything else you could imagine. There was a disclaimer on the menu that stated an ambulance should be on stand-by. This is why a lot of Americans are overweight...because things like THIS are on the menus! 

Here's a picture of Allan trying to chew one bite. Yes, that's one bite in his cheek. 

This is also the night that Allan told Garrett he loved him [Garrett - is that right?] That's Garrett there in the vest with Allan & his mondo burger. We were leaving RG's and Allan was used to saying "love you" to me and when he was saying bye to Garrett he said, "Love you!" Garrett slowly turns....love you too? *confused look* hahaha. Allan also opened Garrett's door one time. Bromance? 

One last shot of the beast. This time demolished. 

-Little Wife Power House

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  1. That was definitely the night! I remember it well. Allan said it, then immediately began to smile as he realized what he said and as I began to respond. It made me laugh pretty hard.
    I don't think he ever opened my door for me though, that was for Andy or Levi.