28 January 2011

The Dating Days: Spring Break Spent Apart

Even though Allan won't be in any of these pictures, we were dating...so it counts, right? I went up to Utah to visit my brothers/Emily and Dad for Spring Break '08. I was gone for 9 days and [mushhhhy] missed Allan terribly! But I had a blast. Look at these awesome jumping pictures we took...

[I love how casual John looks]
 [BEST.PICTURE.EVER! Yes, I was a cheerleader.]

 [having a little fun at Temple Square]
[we even got my Dad & Elizabeth in on the fun!]

We went to the conference center. I want to go to Utah sometime in the summer when the garden on top of the conference center is in full bloom. I bet it's beautiful...

[HEY! They look just like me & John!]

[I love my bro and miss him. and miss those sunglasses. JUNO WHAT!]

We also went shopping in Park City [you have to do that when up in Utah. I loooove Park City. I saw David Boreanez there one time!] I found a hot new boyfriend to replace Al for a few days...

 Actually - two hot boyfriends!

Anyway, it was so much fun. This is making me want to go up there! How bad would it be driving up there with a one year old? Probably bad...

-Little Wife Power House

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  1. We're planning a trip up there this year...sometime when it's warmer...between may and july. Probably more like may. You should come. :)