24 January 2011

The Dating Days: Dallas Arboretum

Since I found all of these great old[er] pictures from my pre-blogging life, I think I'm going to do a "Dating Days" series and re-live some memories.

For today's post, I guess it's more accurately the "Engaged Days". 

These pictures were taken in June 2008. Back when my hair was super long and we weren't even married. It's crazy thinking about how much has changed since then. We've been in 3 houses [the last of which we purchased], I graduated college, Allan got a big boy job, we had a baby, Allan's been off DP about 100 times, the list goes on. 

One of our favorite things to do is go to the Dallas Arboretum. My mom has a family pass so we can go whenever we want! I love walking around when the weather's nice. They always have beautiful displays. 

[Look at that hair! I kind of miss it right now...I look so much different I think.] 

The Guerrero family always joins us and aren't they so cute? This was in the pre-Asher era. They've only gotten cuter. 

If only we had a looooong trenchcoat for the next picture...

i love looking so little next to my man. did i just call him "my man?" aye. 

This one's just weird/funny.

Check in tomorrow for more of the Dating Days Series!

-Little Wife Power House

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  1. I seriously laughed soooo hard at the riding the statue deer photo. Thanks for the laugh. You guys are so weird. That's why I love you! You need to send me the one of my family. I don't think I have it. Thanks for the nostalgia. :)