23 January 2011

Honeymoon Continued

We did so many fun things and yesterday's post was already ridiculously long so I have to do a "Honeymoon Continued" post today. I think we came across "Anderson Valley" when we were headed back to San Fran from Mendocino...check it out.
Allan did a pretty good job of taking the picture backwards, eh? I love that I am still an Awesome Anderson even after getting married! We had the day to spend in San Francisco before our plane left late, late in the evening. Here we are driving across the Golden Gate Bridge. So foggy!
First we went to the Asian Art Museum.

It was great but for some reason that day I was DEAD TIRED. Couldn't keep my eyes open tired. I ended up falling asleep inside the museum on a bench. Yes, I was like a homeless person taking a nap inside the museum. Allan was so sweet, he just sat there for over an our while I napped on his lap. I'm sure people were walking past staring at us and Allan still sat there till I woke up. What a sweet guy. After that we went and saw a movie. $15 per person! So ridiculous...

Then we went to Fisherman's Wharf. Great food, great tourist-y shopping, great sites. 

[I bought this scarf at the Asian Art Museum]
[This is Alcatraz Island, I think]

I think that's the last of the honeymoon pictures. I'm glad I got to post all of them. I'll be doing a few posts from pictures a few years old just because it's fun to re-live those memories. And this way I'll have them all in one place with the stories behind them written out. Thanks, blog world, for being my forum for nostalgia :)

-Little Wife Power House

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