18 March 2011

Montessori Baby Toys

I mentioned in this post that I had recently purchased some Montessori items for H from Pinkhouse. I wish I would have found them earlier! Janice was inspired to make these Montessori toys for her own daughter and now is sharing them with all of us! I love them because I don't have to worry about what my son is chewing on. I don't have to worry about him swallowing small parts. I love that they are natural and that each toy has a specific purpose in my little guy's development. 

I couldn't choose just one so I decided to get the package deal. You get the two nesting toys, the interlocking disks, the grasping beads, and the rattle [Janice's own design]. You can follow the link above if you would like to read more about each individual toy. 

The interlocking disks have been Holden's favorite so far. He loves to hold half in between his fingers and put the other half in his mouth. It's the perfect width for him to chomp on when his gums are sore. He transfers it from hand to hand and usually chooses it over others if given the option. 

I'm excited to watch him figure out the nesting toys. The package I bought includes an egg nesting toy [right] and a peg nesting toy [left]. So far Holden takes the egg/peg and it goes straight to his mouth. Anything you give him goes straight to his mouth.  That's just the stage he is in right now.

I completely recommend these toys. I also bought some Montessori toys here but he won't be able to use them for about 6+ months. They seem to be a hit for my 2yo nephew, though! 

Holden approves. I wasn't lying when I said he loves them! He even toppled over his basket because he was so eager to get to the toys :)

[Thank you, Janice, for letting me use your pictures and creating these wonderful products! Pictures taken by Katherine O'brien. Janice did not ask me to write about her products and these are solely my opinions...and of course holden's!] 

-Little Wife Power House

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  1. I'm definitely getting some of these for the next baby...whenever that is. ;)