05 March 2011

Holden's Treasure Basket

My sister left a link on my facebook the other day. We've been talking about Montessori works that Holden is ready for lately and she came across this great idea: The Treasure Basket. I have to admit that I was immediately intrigued because the person who came up with the idea said it kept her son entertained for 40 minutes every morning! Then I loved the idea of Holden being able to explore different textures and temperatures. Here he is exploring our first Treasure Basket:

This is proof of two things: that he is sitting up now! aaaand that he smiles more :) He did a face plant shortly after this picture but he's getting better every day. This morning he sat up for 5 minutes straight unassisted. Go H! 

Our Treasure Basket includes: a textured rubber ball [the robots!], a hairband that my friend Sallie made for me [has buttons, is knit, and is multi layered because of the cute flower she put on it], a metal spoon, a wood spoon, an empty CD case, a glove, an empty baby food container, and an etched wood block. His favorites have been the wood & metal spoons and the textured ball. I think as the next few weeks go on he'll start exploring the items more. I plan on switching them out every so often.

The idea came from this post by Sew Liberated. I also recently purchased some items here on Etsy. The oldest recommended age for the toys I purchased is 9 months so they are perfect "works" for Holden's age. I'm excited to introduce them to him! 

Enjoy the weekend! BTW, I got up at 5AM on a Saturday! Curses of having a child. Husband is fast asleep...

-Little Wife Power House


  1. Holden is one of the cutest kids ever!

  2. Thanks, Kirsten! He's excited to see you guys tomorrow for Adelle's birthday!