18 June 2011

Happy 11 Monthday, Holden!

Nicknames: mover'n'groover
Temperament: You are ALWAYS on the go. We have joined the elite group of "hall people" at church. If we are somewhere where you have to sit with us, you will go back and forth between your dad & I just so you can MOVE. 
Things I Could Do Without: If I would have written this a week ago on your actual "monthday" I would have said absolutely nothing! This week you have been ultra whiney either because you got messed up when we stayed at GiGi's for a few days [AC out] or because you are getting another tooth in [FYI as of yesterday, his top tooth popped through a bit. I knew there had to be something!] Besides that, you are perfect! 
Item/Toy We Love The Most: I love your sensory blanket...now only if you did!
Item/Toy You Love The Most: your ladybug
Things I'm Loving Most Right Now: everything! you are happy, independent, playful, funny, smiley, sleep well [for the most part], etc etc. I love tickling you in the morning and hearing your baby laugh. It's the best sound. I love hearing your hands clap against the floor when you're crawling to me, it's the best when you reach super speed *clapclapclapclap!* I love that when you hear music you stop whatever you are doing and dance. 
Things You're Loving Most Right Now: Practicing walking with your chair, cords hanging from the computer desk, CDs, standing up on everything, still anything with water, playing with your tongue, and of course--anything you should not be playing with. 
Milestones: You pull up on everything! 

Oh my goodness, Holden, I love you more and more each day. Your dad & I are a little obsessed with you. We have people willing to watch you but we just love to take you with us! You make everything--ok most things--more fun and joyful. You are a ladies man! Everywhere we go, ladies are around my cart oohing and aahing over your eyelashes, hair, and toothy smile. I so enjoy motherhood and you make it easy. Every month is my new favorite age and this month is no different. We love you so much, our little guy.



  1. It's totally true. They have tons of people wanting to watch him, but they just can't get enough of him for themselves! :) I can't complain because I'm the same way. Babies are so precious. You have to soak up every minute with them. We love you Holden!

  2. CUTEST PICTURE EVER!!!! looove the duckies!

    and i have the exact same bucket but in white :)