29 May 2011

the perfect saturday

what makes for the perfect saturday? 

I found two $25 gift cards to Maggiano's Italian Restaurant from the first Christmas Allan & I were married. Can you believe it still worked? We only had to use one to feed 4 adults and 2 children! I love their big portions :) Then we shopped around Crate & Barrel where I found that ceramic berry container that I'm in love with! The best part is it was only $5.95! Totally affordable. It goes perfectly with my ceramic egg holder Lori got us when we got married. I picked up a few things for Holden's birthday party [can you believe it?!] and we fell in love with a couch that we definitely cannot afford [and don't need!] We also went by Anthropologie where we picked up a Christmas Mug for Holden so he can join in on the hot chocolate fun this Christmas...although his will probably be chocolate milk. I'm excited for Memorial Day tomorrow and grateful for those who bravely serve our country and the families that sacrifice so much so their soldiers can protect us. Please take a second tomorrow to say a prayer for those serving and their families. 

I'm kind of behind on my blogging. Posts to come...a project gone bad, sprucing up the pantry, a birthday present/party for Gigi, and why May has been much more enjoyable than April. 

-Little Wife Power House

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