26 May 2011

kids are so funny, aren't they?

Holden is so funny right now. He refuses to eat anything unless you put it on his tray so he can see. He wants to know exactly what I'm feeding him so I don't try any of that crazy spinach stuff I once did. He loves Gilmore Girls and dancing to the theme song and closing song. He gets delirious after a certain point in the evening and just laughs at everything. He tried very hard to get some food [you know] while our home teacher was here the other evening. Don't worry, he definitely did NOT succeed! Phew. Best of all, he does this:

Resourceful, eh? His hands were busy with the bottle so of course he just played the piano with his toes! Oh man, parenthood is the best.

-Little Wife Power House


  1. That is so cute! Watch out he looks like a smart one! He may outsmart you without you knowing it one day! lol! He is awesome!

  2. He's too cute and too funny and too smart and too everything. I love him! Too much! :)