24 May 2011

i'm a monster.

Okay, so most of you probably know [since I'm probably friends with most of my readers on facebook] but I had a day of from being a mom/wife. Allan took Holden to the zoo for the afternoon and I could do whatever I wanted.  

Well, I started off good. Cookie dough + couch + Gilmore Girls = heaven. Here I am making the delicious cookie dough in my Anthropologie apron that I love oh so much.

Then my "to do" list started to kick in. I started to think of all the things I would love to do but can't because the only time I can do them is when Holden naps. but I have to work when Holden naps. What did I decide to do with my free time?

see? what is wrong with me?

I was going to post before and after pictures but the before wasn't that terrible and I figured I'd just list my "must have" items to keep your closet organized!

  • Real Simple's Purse Organizer
  • Ikea's Scarf Organizer [not the prettiest thing but is genius in my opinion]
  • Some kind of shoe organization system. I have tried out quite a few and was never happy until I found this one! I had to buy two because I have too many shoes :)
  • I also purchased a few of these front drop organization cubes from The Container Store for only $9 each. I used them for my higher heels.
  • Any plastic/cloth storage bins for the miscellaneous things that seem to hang around in my closet. I have 5 [two for bathrobes, one for "delicates," one for swim gear, and one for clutches]. I found mine at Big Lots for $1 each. 
I'm also a little OCD and have my closet color coordinated and separated into long sleeves, short sleeves, dresses/skirts, dress shirts. I don't think it would make sense to anyone else but I have to have it like that or I go a little crazy...

 I {love} my organized closet!

Do you have any "must have" organization tools? I'd love to hear!

-Little Wife Power House


  1. Oh my goodness!!! This totally sounds like me. I work while P naps, so getting "extra" things done is hard!!! :)

  2. I can't believe you organized on your day off. It's hard to believe we both come from the same mother...or do we? Are you sure about your blood type? ;)