16 May 2011

Happy [late] 10 Monthday, Holden!

Nicknames: the conductor [you wave your hands like you're conducting music when you are happy or really excited]
Temperament: You are kind hearted, outgoing, not afraid to "say" what's on your mind, a little short tempered, and HAPPY
Things I Could Do Without: You have started your destruction phase, anything in your path is doomed. You also get mad at me when I take things from you. I could do without those things :)
Item/Toy We Love The Most: Your new toys from Smiling Tree Toys that GiGi just got you! They are adorable! [will post about later]
Item/Toy You Love The Most: The crawling tunnel that we just got you from Ikea. You can crawl all the way through it, you roll around in it, laugh, and just love it. 
Things I'm Loving Most Right Now: You are just the best baby ever when it comes to running errands. You can run errands for hours and still be happy - no tears. You have been great in the few movies I have taken you to. I love watching you interact with your cousins.
Things You're Loving Most Right Now: The tunnel, bath time, Dad time, your "first words" book, anything that you're not supposed to be playing with, the saucer area on your activity center. 
Milestones: You are officially a crawling machine! You are all over the place. You started pulling up yesterday [did it twice!] and can easily get from laying down/crawling/whatever to the sitting position.

Friday the 13th...dundundun! That was your 10 Monthday and I have to say, it went off without a hitch. Granted, I'm not superstitious [when Aunt Lori found out I was getting induced on the 13th, she immediately asked me if I was going to re-schedule! hope I didn't doom you to a lifetime of bad birthdays.] 

We spent all day doing your favorite thing. Running errands! We ran all over the place in the morning, saw a movie with your Aunt Blair, and hung out in the afternoon. When Daddy came home we went to Ikea and picked you up a chair for your playroom and THE tunnel. We were going to give you the tunnel for your 1-year birthday but when we saw how much you loved it, we knew it couldn't wait. 

See? We just couldn't take it away from you! So it's a "Happy 10 Monthday" present! All I can say is that you are the bomb.com and we love you more than anything. We look at you every night and say to each other that we love you with every part of us and are so happy you joined our little family! Maybe by your next birthday post you'll be walking...SCARY THOUGHT! 

-Little Wife Power House [aka Mom]


  1. What a cutie! I am so excited to see the little guy in a few more weeks, okay about ten, but he is so adorable!

  2. The photos of him in the tunnel are SO cute. I love Allan's taco cat shirt in the background. :) Holden sure is mobile now...but I hope he isn't walking toooo soon. It's too cute watching him crawl.