17 May 2011

what a relaxing day...

Since I got most of my work done early this morning, I have been able to really enjoy today. I was able to spend time with my nephews. I LOVE snuggling in my bed watching a movie with them. All four of us [me, holden, asher, and john robert] squish together on the left half of the bed with Bob [our pillow pet] and every stuffed animal holden owns. We tuck them in bed on the other side of the bed to nap while we watch a movie. Then Lori came back and we went on a walk around Savannah, ending up at me & holden's favorite park. 

Now I'm setting up to do a bit more work while holden naps and enjoying my Green Monster Smoothie

-Little Wife Power House


  1. It was fun hanging out with you today. The 3 boys are so fun to watch play together. How is the Green Monster Smoothie??? Sounds interesting...

  2. I have started veggie and green smoothies recently and so far love it! Thanks for ur recipe too...