11 May 2011

my very own little mess maker

Holden is going to be 10 months old on Friday and boy has he changed a lot in the last few weeks! His personality shows more every day and he is so mobile. He is even doing some baby Yoga [downward facing dog]! He's trying to stand up more and more. It's so stinkin' cute. 

Something else that's new? Destructo Holden. He is into everything and tears up everything and then yells at me if I take something away that he shouldn't be playing with. Terrible twos? Talk about terrible 10 months! I know, I know...it will only get worse. If you can believe it, that is no comfort to me! None the less, he is still the fun loving, temperamental, smiley, talkative, huggable boy I've come to know and love. 

Yesterday I mashed up a banana and gave it to him in his highchair so I could do some dishes. I was surprised to turn around and find him doing art on his tray! He was rubbing it around with such purpose. Then he would shove it in his mouth. He's following in his cousin, Asher's, footsteps. They sure are messy footsteps! Check out The Breakfast Artist [aka Asher] in action here and you'll see what I'm talking about!

I love learning more about his personality. Can you believe that it's already time to work on his 1st birthday party details? It has snuck up on me too quickly. Put it on your calendars - July 16th! :)

Quick sidenote...Has this week been great for anyone else? I'm loving it so far. The best thing is that Allan and I get to go on a date to the temple tomorrow evening while Aunt Jaimie watching baby H! 

Happy Wednesday! 

-Little Wife Power House

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  1. Hahaha! He is so cute! :) Dont worry about the fits, they come and go. I learned that offering two acceptable choices (like this toy or that toy) will make fits almost dissapear! Sometimes you need to get pretty creative! :) I love parenting!