20 April 2011

"you're growing grass inside your house?!"

YES. I'm growing grass inside my house. Wheat grass to be exact. You know, the stuff you can take shots of at Jamba Juice? 

I will not be taking shots of my wheat grass. *GAG*
I'm just doing it to make it feel extra Spring-y at the Anderson household. And it totally has! I love the way they look in my Target $1 tins. I've been able to do some fun things with it. I've already had to trim it 3 times and I love the way it makes my kitchen smell when I do :) I got the idea here from 320*Sycamore. You can follow her steps on how to grow it if you're interested. 

Today I'm prepping for Holden's first Easter. Since having Holden, I've noticed I get muuuuuch more excited about holidays. I want to make them perfect for him! I loved holidays growing up and I know he will too. Uh, what kid doesn't love them? 

I finished getting everything for Holden's Easter basket [will share next week. I probably should have done it before to give you guys some ideas but I didn't. Oh well, maybe you can use them for next year if you need to!] I dyed some Easter eggs using this "recipe." It really is like a recipe and the colors are so vibrant! I haven't seen egg color like this before. Check out this post [hers look great. and follow all of the links too! She found some really cute Easter-esque items.] I also made some Easter cookies...think Cadbury Mini Eggs. Drooling yet? I'll post about those tomorrow!

What are you doing to prep for Easter? 

-Little Wife Power House


  1. Ooooo! Your wheat grass looks SO good! I'm so jealous! I love everything you are doing to prepare for Easter. Makes it a lot more fun! Oh, and thanks for the link. :)

  2. Ohhh! The grass is Beautiful! I wish I didnt kill every living plant I grow. It sounds like you have some awesome things planned! I cant wait to see what you put in his basket! :)