19 April 2011

The Bride and The Bridesmaid

Does anyone love Ikea as much as I do? I think 90% of our furniture is from Ikea, no joke. I like to go there and just walk around, get a $.50 hot dog [who am I? I used to hate hot dogs! Now they're just ok], and of course, pick up one or two things. Today I got a cheap-o desk and a table I will be using in Holden's big boy room for under $50! My friend, Blair, is getting married in like 35 days and then leaving all of us to move to Sunny California [lucky!] so we are making sure to hang out at least once a week. We call them our "lady dates." Last week, it was lunch, this week, Ikea, next week....sugar cookie decorating - professional style! Holden was loving on Blair during our lunch date:

I'm so happy that she found such a great guy that makes her so happy but I am sad I won't get to see her very often anymore. The upside? CALI VACAY!

-Little Wife Power House

PS - People are so lucky when bloggers are willing to give stuff away for nothing more than a comment [aka My Montessori MOMents]. Me - I'm mean, I make you follow hehe, but you can win this sweet guitar teether/rattle for nothing more than a comment! 

Go HERE to enter!! Or don't ;) [so I can win] Winner will be drawn on Monday.


  1. sugar cookiess! martha stewart is gonna be so jealous of our icing skills..

    thank you for my coke yesterday!
    i have an addiction..

    if i had a baby i would totally enter to win the rockstar rattle!! it's so cute!!

  2. Enter and give it to Holden if you win :) You do have the luck...bento box.

  3. Oh, Blair...you don't even know addiction to cokes until you've seen me in action. ;) I actually haven't had water all day, just cokes. It's been one of those days. You guys better save one of those cookies for me!!! And Blair, you need to sign up for my giveaway for your future child. :)