26 April 2011

what did EB bring Holden?

I have to say, the Easter Bunny [or EB for those of you who have seen HOP] was pretty good to Holden this year. Thank goodness we got the large basket from Pottery Barn or else I don't think everything would have fit!

-a fluffy stuffed animal [find it here]
-baby's first iPhone! He truly is his father's son. [find it here]
-Disney's greatest hits CD from Target. This one may have been more for me than him. 
-a sensory blanket - which didn't come in time but what can ya do! [find it here]
-my his favorite candies
-his own set of car keys by B.You [look here but buy at Target]
-a little Wheeeeeelie by B.You [look here but buy at Target]
-GiGi got holden & his cousins the Limited Edition Spring I Spy Bag! Both of us love it :)

I had a blast this weekend with my family. It was relaxing, fun, and filled with laughter. Just what the doctor ordered. 

-Little Wife Power House

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  1. We had such a wonderful Easter, didn't we!? We missed Allan though. I love Holden and his basket. It's bigger than he is. :)