27 April 2011


Hi everyone! I'm finally ready to show pictures of the new yard! After getting gutters, we were able to fill the yard with dirt, soil, and cover with new sod. The entire yard had to be redone. You'll see why in the pictures below. Granted, the yard was not always this bad. We had really let it go because we kept having to post pone the yard makeover because of Texas' April Showers. We didn't see the point in mowing, weeding, etc if we were just going to change everything in a week. I think I got some really good before/after pictures!

I'm sure our new yard is loving all of this rain! Now I just need to post before/after pictures of our guest bath...

-Little Wife Power House


  1. That weed is as tall as Holden! I have Asher on my lap and he's say Baby Holdeen...Baby Holdeen. :)

  2. WOW!!! I've layed sod before and it is HARD work!!! we're about to put up a fence this weekend at the back of our yard. All 120 feet of it!! Wish we were done.... :)

  3. dear friend...guess what!?!? you won!

    I emailed you at lwph. :)