03 March 2011

prune baby

I originally learned about these through Cooking With My Kid. She used these while travelling. Holden really likes to do things for himself [at least try...] so I thought he would love these. I was right! Allan helped him with the first one we tried and he loved it. I wanted Holden to work on figuring it out for himself...how to hold it, how to get the food out, how hard to press the pouch to get the right amount. Might take him a while to figure out but eventually he'll get there. He got a little crazy so Allan stepped in and helped him at the end :) He probably got 3/4 of the pouch in his mouth so I would call that a success! [pictures are from our second try with the pouches]

Required: bath. 



[a little booty shot. just a little! too cute.]

If you're interested in the brand, lemme know. I would put it in the post but it's downstairs and I'm lazy :) There are a few different brands though in the baby food aisle at Target. They're organic, too! Next week we'll be trying the mango pouches. I bet he'll love them just as much.

-Little Wife Power House

PS Holden is sitting up on his own now! With and without propping himself up. Proud Momma. 

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