02 March 2011

my sister is better than yours.

This post is dedicated to my sister, Lori. She is such an inspiration to me. She is a fabulous interior designer who is ambitious but is still able to remember what is really important in life. She left her job to start her own business because she knew family was her number one priority and home was where she wanted to be. She's a wonderful mother to JR and Asher who not only loves them endlessly but also teaches them every day. She has inspired me to be a better mom, to find my inner creative self, and shown me how wonderful the Montessori program is.

She's taught me that it's okay to get frustrated sometimes. Motherhood is frustrating. It's how you handle it. I see her time after time calmly explaining to JR why he should [or should not] be doing this or that instead of yelling or belittling. She talks to her boys as equals and I love that about her. She is engaged in their lives and truly invested in their well-being.

I know I'm her sister but seriously - this girl's got skills when it comes to interior designing. Let's see, in my house she's inspired or found the inspiration for Holden's room, the picture wall, A-Z for the playroom [more on that later], and the Montessori room that I love [possible future room for H?!]. I really need to start paying this woman, right? Wait...what am I getting myself into here!! She does favor after favor for me. I tell her I'm giving her opportunities to get blessings. I'm so nice, right? 

Last, but not least, she is an amazing teacher. She follows the Montessori program and helps to instill independence in her boys. She is dedicated and her enthusiasm for it rubs off on me daily. I'm sure I'll never be as good or dedicated as her when it comes to teaching but I know I always have someone to look for when I need a swift kick in the butt [aka inspiration]. Visit her blog HERE where she blogs daily about her Montessori MOMents. You will fall in love. 

Okay - one last thing. She is an awesome aunt! Holden loves her to death. That blank stare means he loves you! :) I would know!

Who or what inspires you?

-Little Wife Power House


  1. And she's an incredible friend who's always there whenever we need her. She always listens and offers advice without judgment. She's loyal, trustworthy, honest, genuine and compassionate. I love her like a sister!

  2. Thank you for the wonderfully kind words. I feel equally blessed to have you (and Kate!) in my life. You got me crying at, "She talks to her boys as equals and I love that about her." It made me emotional because that is something I thrive for and I wasn't ever sure if I was succesful at it. Thanks for letting me know I am. I love you as high as the sky and as deep as the ocean. I'm proud to be your sister and little H's Aunt. He does love me...he's even smiling at me these days. Yes! Thank you for the wonderful start to the day. I hope you know that everything you said is reflected back on you because you are an equally good mother, friend, sister and wife. Love you!

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  4. I think that you, and my other sisters probably about equal her...........sisters are just awesome in general!!!!!!!

  5. I gotta agree about Lori! She has been my best friend for nearly 31 years (sorry Lori for revealing how old you and I are - LOL). And, as much as I would love her anyway, I am very impressed with her motherhood skills and general awesomeness. If only some of that could rub off on me ;)

  6. What a beautiful post!!!...Just found your blog thru your sister's and I have been reading and following her amazing ideas with my daughter since a quite time now...She is really amazing!