18 January 2011

what we've been up to lately...

Sorry I've been MIA. We've been busy bees trying to get our house in order. Remember how I was so stressed? Well, I may or may not have had a mini-stress breakdown. Sometimes you just need a few tears to make yourself feel better. I do at least. I felt like I didn't have enough time to be the best wife I could be, the best mom I could be, the best employee I could be, the best church member I could be, etc. I think my standards were/are maybe too high. Allan saw how stressed I was so he jumped in where he could and offered to help me clean the house this weekend! My hero!!

My house has been a MESS. Yes, I've been organizing things but everything else has been chaos. I wanted to be to the point where I just had to do light cleaning each week...not a massive day of cleaning every few weeks. Who wants to do that on a weekend? Not us! We cleaned the house from vacuuming, mopping, laundry, to bathrooms, dishes, etc etc. I feel SOOO much better. 

Now that my life is somewhat in order, I can blog about what we've been up to lately! 

Lori & her boys came over to make Pocket Pop Tarts. They're essentially home-made pop tarts! And the best part is that you can control what goes into them! We used nutella & strawberry & grape jam. The nutella was a-maz-ing [even though I only got to have a bite]. The jam leaked so we're gonna have to work on that. Lori's idea was to freeze the jam in ice cube trays and use that in the oven so it doesn't melt as easily. I'll keep ya posted!

I also organized our baking/spice cabinet.


Maybe not a huge difference, but it feels better to me :). The final thing I've been up to is making these name drawing sticks for Primary. I conducted and did sharing time on Sunday [I was basically running around like a chicken with its head cut off for Junior Primary and got into the groove of things for Senior Primary]. I didn't know ANYONE'S names! Teachers, kids, no one! I know it was my first week in there but still. I want to know everyone in there! I was calling kids up to volunteer...you in the red tie...you in the awesome sports coat...So I thought these would be super helpful [especially for me]. Another perk is that I don't have to feel bad for not choosing this kid or that kid. It's FAIR and RANDOM! 

I spent all day yesterday doing these. Seriously. I wrote all of the kids' names on the end of tongue depressors, traced them on scrap book paper, cut them out, glued them on with mod podge, then sealed them on again with mod podge. Phew. Glad to be done! :P Lori said, "Lucky you. Now you will always have this job for when kids move in/out of your ward!" Haha! True, but it will be easy as pie compared to yesterday, right?


Phew! Hope everyone enjoyed MLK day yesterday!

Ending with this adorable picture I found of mr. ash when he was a wee little baby! Can you believe they grow up so quickly?!

-Little Wife Power House


  1. I wouldn't have even recognized him if you didn't say that was Asher. He looks entirely different now! I do miss having a little baby, but we still have a little time before #3.

    You have been BUSY! We loved your homemade poptarts. I think we should do them again.

    And if it counts for anything, I think you are the best mom, best wife, best employee, best church member and best sister. Love you.

  2. He was such a cute little baby...at least that didn't change! You'll have another little baby soon enough...for now, you can play with the H man!

    I had pie crust on my grocery list today and it's the ONE thing I forgot. Let's make them again next week! I'll freeze some jam this week or you can if you want us to come over there.

    It DOES count for a lot. Thanks!! That's nice to hear. I love you too! I'm feeling more on top of things this week.