20 January 2011

oh so romantical

So Valentine's Day is coming up. It's never been a big deal to either of us. We spent our first Valentine's Day together at Mr. Chopsticks [Dentonites you know what I'm talking about!] and watching the OC. Allan bought me one rose because he thought I would think flowers are stupid [I'm so tough, right? jk]. We had only been dating about a month and a half. It was sweet :) 

Honestly, I can't even remember what we did on our 2nd V-Day together. Is that terrible?

Our third V-Day was our last "childless Valentine's Day" so we celebrated it on a mini-vacation at a hotel in Frisco. It was right by the mall [yes!] so we shopped, went out for dinner, and ordered room service for breakfast. It was really relaxing [which I needed since I was preggo]. 

This V-Day we're not doing gifts. Neither of us really want to spend money on things we don't need when we just got SO many wonderful presents for Christmas. We were so loved that the spoiled feeling still hasn't worn off [our bank account is thankful for that]. Maybe we'll go out to dinner and watch a movie or something at home. Life as a parent is exciting, isn't it?!

I did, however, find this adorable craft [at Oopsey Daisy]. I love writing little notes to Allan and he loves finding them. [awwww]. This can be one small way we'll celebrate V-Day...and we get to write mushy love notes over and over again to each other! Score!

I get so excited about things I have to do it at that moment so last night I ran to Joann's and bought the supplies.

 [got the last two wooden hearts]
 [red chalkboard paint]

 [I found these from the husband this morning! He's already writing me mushy notes. I love it!! "I love you thiiiiiiiis much!" and "I {heart} LWPH!" I can't wait to erase these and write something back for when he gets home.]

I started by taking the jute [string] out and painting away. I did 3-4 coats because I wanted it to be really red. I let it sit for a while in between each coat. Make sure to paint on wax paper [thanks, Oopsey Daisy!]. It makes it a lot easier! Let the final coat dry overnight and reattach the jute. Now you can write to your little heart's desire! 

They could hang all over the house! Here's to making V-Day a little more romantical in the Anderson household :)

-Little Wife Power House


  1. Cute idea. Maybe I'll do something like this (not a heart shape) for Sterling's lunch box. He would love to get a note everyday at lunch (he's still a Kindergartener) and I've got to live it up while I still can!

  2. Such a cute idea! I {heart} LWPH too. :)