20 January 2011

still getting organized for 2011...

You guys have all read my crying about how busy I am. I know - get over it...we all are! This week I feel more on top of things. I've been using some new things to help me stay on top of things as well as working on Holden's schedule. Here are a few things I've been utilizing to help me keep on top of things. 

The Whiteboard Calendar 

I love this for most of the obvious reasons. It helps me keep track of appointments, birthdays, commitments I've made, etc. It reminds me when we get paid and when certain bills are due. You can erase it after the month's over and start with the next month's busyness. I'm a big fan of crossing things off when the day is over [loved doing this with my planner] and I get to cross it the day off here since I no longer use my planner. [Why don't I use my planner anymore? Well, I used to look at it all the time when I was working full time on break or whenever - frankly because I was bored - and now I just don't ever remember to pull it out.]

The Weekly Activities Sheet

Aren't those magnets adorable? Heather got them for Holden [he loved the packaging of course] but I may have stolen them for my own use :) You can find them here made by NookNook. My friend, Staci, came up with this excel spreadsheet for weekly "activities" [don't you love that she didn't use chores? makes it a little better, eh?]. I love excel spreadsheets and checking things off. It gives me a sense of accomplishment. Find her post about her spreadsheet here. I had her e-mail it to me, tweeked it to fit my schedule/house chores, and laminated it so I could use it over and over again. I hung it right on my fridge to constantly remind me that it's better to get a few things done every day than have a HUGE cleaning day [usually on the weekend. ugh!]

Cork/Magnet/Chalk Board 

Don't you love Target?! I find the best things there. This was only $20 and I've already gotten a lot of use out of it. I'm going to be using the cork board to pin my Market Street coupons for the week. Right now they usually go in the laundry room and sometimes I forget them in there. This board is right in our main hallway so I walk past it like 20 times a day. No longer out of sight, out of mind! These hangers are perfect for my Chalkboard Hearts, aren't they? It will be fun to find all the places we can hang them. I like this chalkboard for the things I wanted to get done that day that I just...didn't. So I can get to it tomorrow, right? ;) The thing I like best about this board? It's where I put Allan's chores :)

Hope this gives some of you ideas on how to get things under control for 2011. I'm sure you guys are already on top of things though! 

-Little Wife Power House

PS. Want to try a yummy black bean chili recipe? Go here! It's what we're having for dinner tonight.

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  1. I love, love, love all of your organizational ideas. I just might steal the weekly activities list. I wonder if it really would help me stay on top of things?