16 June 2011

oh pinterest

Why, oh why did I join pinterest?! Not only do I waste sooo much time browsing through all of the wonderful pictures but I find things I want - but cannot have! Pure torture. 

[pottery barn. of course. find here. REALLY, PB?! $6 off is a "SPECIAL?!"]

[love the door! source.]

[wish I knew the source. sorry guys!]

[perfect for travelling! source.]

patience patience. my wish list just got a little longer! allan will be cursing the day I was introduced to pinterest haha. 

let's be friends! and don't forget to come back tomorrow. I have a wonderful guest blogger!

-Little Wife Power House


  1. have you ever gone to Home Goods and looked at their stuff?? they have lamps that are SUPER close to those you may want to look at!!! i want one for our apt.. but im even too poor to shop at Home Goods right now hahah tear

  2. I knew I should have never told you about it. I told you it would become an obsession. But it has so many great creative ideas!!!! :)