06 April 2011

summer time and the livin's easy

Holden & I are living it up right now. We spend all the time we can outside. Walks, walks, walks, lounging on blankets in the grass, sitting on the porch, and did I mention walks?

On one of our longer walks, I found a whole other side of the neighborhood that we had never been to. At the end of the street was a "park." I use the quotes because it's just a fairly large grass field and then a covered picnic table area. But it's perfect for taking your little ones to play soccer, have a picnic, whatever floats your cookie. It might be one of my favorite "parks" in the neighborhood because the possibilities are endless and there is hardly ever anyone there!

I took what might be one of the sweetest pictures I've gotten in a while...I love moments like this...

The only thing that could have possibly made this better would be the hubby being there. Can't have everything all the time though, right?

Holden loves to pick at the grass...and try to eat it. I'm pretty quick, thankfully. But really? He could eat worse things :)

Get out and enjoy this great weather while it lasts! If you need us...you know where to find us.

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-Little Wife Power House


  1. Yes it could be worse - Parker picked up a spider the other day!! Thankfully I was quick! Ew!!!

    On another note I was watching Pregnant in Heels last night (Rodney said it's a waste of my life). Either way they were having some top executives and branding people suggest baby names for a couple in NY. One of the top names was Holden! So according to the focus group you did great naming him! :)


  2. OH GROSS! I'm glad you were quick haha! I watch a lot of TV that Allan thinks is a waste of my life...you're not alone!! That's awesome though :) We sure love the name. The funny thing is it's definitely not on the top 100 baby names or whatever list!

  3. We've been enjoying the weather too! We are staying outside as much as possible before it gets too hot. :) Love the pics. Too cute.

  4. Oh, happy Holden:) What an adorable baby!