07 April 2011

a little something for myself

Yesterday I went and got my eyebrows waxed. It's the one thing I decided to do every month for myself. As a mother [heck, as a HUMAN], you have to take care of yourself sometimes. The reason I chose this was because I have found it IMPOSSIBLE to keep up with my eyebrows since taking on motherhood & work. I have felt very self conscious about it. Is that silly? I figured that even though I often don't have time to put make up on, at least my eyebrows will look good :)

I also bought myself some daisies. Fresh flowers just put a smile on my face...and for only $4.00! Best $4.00 I've spent all week. Thank you, Market Street for my cheap, beautiful flowers :)

What do you do to pamper yourself? 

-Little Wife Power House

PS Why did my facebook friends tell me that THESE exist!? I'm sooo tempted to splurge on these but I have to hold myself back! must.not.spend.ridiculous.amounts.of.money.on.baby.stuff.

PPS/PSS [whatever it is!] Only a few more days left to enter the giveaway <--click here! So easy to enter :)

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  1. I get a pedicure every other month. So nice!