28 March 2011

the lone pair of jeans...

This pair of jeans is the last standing in a long line that has slowly - and I mean slowly - come back into my wardrobe rotation since having a baby. 

It's been almost 9 months since having H and I'm starting to think that I'll never fit into what used to be my favorite pair of jeans again. I don't think, though, that it's a weight issue...I think my hips have forever spread out a bit. That just happens when you have a baby! 

I'm still holding onto them in hopes that one day they'll fit again...should I just give them up and save me the disappointment of trying them on every so often and not being able to button them? 

-Little Wife Power House

PS Check out these sandals they have at Target for only $15...PERFECT for summer! They have bronze, gold, turquoise, coral, black, and white. All of the colors look great. I got two pairs :)


  1. Keep them. It took me well over a year before I fit back in to some of my pre-preggo clothes. I don't fit in to it all, but for the most part, I do. It just takes time.

  2. you are so right, i LOVE those sandals!!! so cute!! i may have to take a little trip there this week...

  3. I vote keep them, but if you must give them to someone, I know someone who take good care of them :)
    I'm going to buy those sandals this week, then garrett is going to see them on here and question me about why I bought them and where I got the idea.

  4. Thanks to my AWESOME sister, I now own a pair of my own turquiose sandals. Love them! Thanks for picking them up for me. They are so cute.

  5. Keep them! I'm finally able to wear all my pre-pregnancy clothes again. It does take a while but you'll get there. Those sandals are very cute. I have a grey pair that look a lot like them but I think I'll be picking up some bronze and black ones too!