02 January 2011

Allan's Birthday

Well, today I stayed home sick from church. I started getting sick on NYE at casey&joe's [left before midnight. i'm lame, i know]. I thought it was just a cold, and maybe today was just a fluke, who knows. All I'm going to say is my breakfast came back up this morning and it was gross and I felt gross. My new calling is 2nd counselor in the Primary Presidency and today was just an awful day to be sick! The Pres was the only one at church today since everyone else was out of town and I was sick. Did I mention it's the first week of classes changing AND our ward split? Ah, I'm sorry Pres [even though she doesn't read my blog, I feel that terrible about it]. 

Luckily, Holden has been sleeping for about two hours so I've had plenty of time to recover. Hallelujah. I figured I'll blog about Allan's birthday since blogging takes almost zero energy. 

I have to start by saying that Allan is the best husband ever. I was up late [until 2am] the night before working [like I was every night last week] and up multiple times during the night so I was dead tired. He woke up, went to Sonic to get me a huge coke, went to Wal-Mart to pick up a few essential groceries, and picked ME up a present [new tripod for my new, awesome camera Al got me for xmas]. Who gets their wife a present on their birthday?! Allan does. I better hang onto him...

He had some friends over to play Castle Crashers [would you believe I love this game and am actually kind of good at it?]. We played it A LOT when H was overdue. They played it for like 6 hours straight. I don't have that kind of longevity but hey, it was Allan's birthday :)

Then we went bowling with my family. Neither of us are very good, but we have tons of fun. Allan always does these awesome bowling moves. This time he did a 360 spin and got a STRIKE! Can you believe it? I was impressed. Everyone had a great time.

[isn't that the coolest sweater you've ever seen? new nickname: The Captain.]

[lori had to bowl while holding asher]

[playing on the couch]

[my brothers were in town from Utah!]

[had to get a picture with the birthday boy!]

[the whole group. Holden was my "bowling ball"]

Well, Allan, I love you. You're the best husband & father. Thank goodness I decided to date one of those crazy Mormon boys! ;) 

-Little Wife Power House


  1. So sad to hear you were sick:
    1. I had a dream that you stole our missing avocados. We bought 3 on Saturday and haven't seen them since.
    2. "The Captain" is already taken. I like Captain Crunch though.
    3. We are thinking about coming on Thursday, leaving in the morning and spending thursday afternoon/evening with you, al and H. What do you think?

  2. 1. Maybe I did! Muahah! I was wondering what that dm was about haha.
    2. Might Garrett be willing to share it for a few weeks until it wears off? :P I guess we could change it to Captain Holden.