04 January 2011

21 Day Organization Challenge

So I was reading a friend's blog today, Life's Sweeter With Chocolate. I'm usually not crafty enough to do a lot of her projects but today she introduced me to another blog that I feel I will become a frequent reader of...A Bowl Full of Lemons. She is doing a 21-day organization challenge. It's fate. One of my resolutions is to finally get my life organized again and BOOM! Today's challenge was to organize your tupperware cabinet. Mine has been out of control for a while. I wish I had taken a "before" picture but I didn't and my "after" picture doesn't show all of its organized glory but oh well. 

I found the buckets at The Container Store for $3.99. I went there solely for the buckets but don't ask me how much I ended up spending. I separated them [and labled :P] into lids, bento box items, and small glassware. I could only fit in 3 buckets since I need the upper space for mixing/salad bowls so the actual tupperware is stacked within itself but I think that will be easy to keep organized. 

I also organized my "junk drawer" which is my nightstand drawer. Once again, no "before" picture. I will get better at that. Promise. I found this organization gem at The Container store, as well.

Can't wait to see what tomorrow's challenge is!

By the way, I am in momma heaven now that Holden can sit in his high chair. I can get so much done in the kitchen! Hello [a few minutes of] freedom!

-Little Wife Power House


  1. So, this is my first time reading your blog. I'm not much of a "blog reader" but i noticed your "organization challenge" on facebook and i was instantly curious. I read on to see what else is new...;) Now, i will read the organizers blog, your blog, and stopping by the container store on my way home. Its good to see that life is good for you and i will stay tuned to see what else happens in your cute lil' life. :)

  2. hmm, this is katie jenkins, by the way.

  3. Life is so sweet once your baby can entertain himself a little bit more!

  4. I am SO jealous of your newly re-organized life. Please help me get mine under control! :) May be I'll start the challenge in a week when I get my pre-organization done. lol.

  5. Thanks Katie! Hopefully my blog won't disappoint! [and I figured it was you :P]

    Jennifer - you speak the truth. It's wonderful!

    Lori - Only PARTIALLY re-organized. Still have a loooong way to go! I'm excited though and motivated for once. The nice thing is you can do the challenge WHENEVER you want!