25 December 2010

100th Post Christmas Giveaway! - closed

I'm so excited for this giveaway! I love Christmas so much. One of the biggest reasons I love Christmas is because I love giving gifts. I love finding that perfect present. So instead of giving away one big present, I decided to split the dinero and give away three prizes so more people could win! I've thought a lot about what I wanted to do. I tossed around a lot of ideas but in the end I wanted to give away items I fully endorse & own. Here we go!  


This prize has already been won. We decided to use a portion of the money I set aside for this giveaway to pick a name off of the angel tree at church. 


Remember the Bento Box? Allan loves his Bento Box and I just think it's the coolest lunchbox I've ever seen! It comes with two larger boxes, two smaller boxes, a small dipping sauce container, silverware, and carrying case. 


This prize is a bundle and you get these wonderful items: 

1) The Lower Lights//A Hymn Revival CD: These musicians are amazing. It's beautiful and a fresh take on the classic hymns. 

2) Anthropology Apron: I've mentioned my love for Anthropology before. I got myself one for Christmas. I love that their aprons are functional and fashionable! 

[sorry for the terrible pic. allan published the post on accident and I don't have time to re-take a better pic but it's super cute!]

3) 101 Things To Do Before Your Kids Leave Home

I picked this up in Anthropology when I was picking out the apron. Wouldn't it be fun to complete every activity in the book? It has things like thank a soldier, build a birdhouse and wait for them to come, and organize a search for teddy bears in the dark. Even if you don't have kids now, you probably will one day and you'll have all kinds of wonderful ideas! 

How To Win?!

1) US & Canada only
2) You must be a follower of Little Wife Power House [click the "follow" link on my sidebar]
3) Leave a comment telling me your nameemail [so I can let you know if you win], and which Prize # you would like to win & why
4) You can receive one extra entry for posting about this on facebook [leave an extra comment], twitter [post the url your extra comment], or your blog [post the link in your extra comment]. 
5) You have until 11:59 PM cst Friday, December 31st to enter!
6) Winner will be announced on Saturday, January 1, 2011
    Good Luck and Merry Christmas!

    -Little Wife Power House


    1. Yay! I'm so happy to be your first entry. Pick me! Pick me! Do I have to pick just one? Well, I can't . My first choice would be the book. Second, the bento box. But really, I would love them all. Oh, and you have my info. :)

    2. I'd loooove prize #3! it's super cute! :) I don't have an apron, so that would be perfect :)

      Hope you guys had a great Christmas! :)

      Ambre S

    3. I'd go for the apron, too. I always mess up my clothes when I cook, maybe if I had a cute apron like that one, I'd wear it more.

    4. My name is Sallie. My email is garrettandsallie@gmail.com
      I would LOVE LOVE LOVE LOVE LOVE to be the owner of that fabulous apron. It's perfect for my new job that starts on Tuesday :)
      So prize package #3.
      And Garrett loved his CHUCKs!
      Garrett wants the lunchbox but i told him to get his own comment.

    5. My name is Alice. I am a secret admirer of your blog. :) My email is alicedutton@gmail.com
      I would love to win the awesome bento box! I have made bento box quilts never actually knowing what they are, and it would be the perfect something to take lunch to school next semester. :)

    6. I put a link on Facebook for all to see. :)

    7. My name is Megan Lamb. My email is meganalamb@gmail.com.
      I'm totally rooting for the bento box! I think I may have even suggested having it as the give away. :-)
      Totally going to add a link as well. Will be sure to let you know as soon as I do.

      PS - is it one entry PER DAY or just one entry ONLY?! Yes, I would totally come here every day if it's per day.

    8. I found your blog through Sallie (whom I instantly adored once I found her blog & now I'm pretty sure I instantly adore you too!) So easy to get "sucked into" your adventures! I'm definitely hoping...er...um...choosing #3. Who doesn't love good music?! (Oooh oooh me...I do!) Plus with 5 daughters I'm forever in the kitchen and always in need of a good apron and again with 5 kiddos that book sounds AWESOME! So I can't wait to see what happens come Jan. 1! Happy New Year!
      Kimberly Parisi

      PS- I will for sure be posting a bit about this on facebook :)

    9. I posted a link on facebook! I feel super savy because I finally figured out how to link my friends in my status, so i feel extra cool doing this :-)

    10. PSS- Check this out! (And I hope this doesn't disqualify me by doing a facebook AND a blog. Let's just say, i got a little too excited)


    11. Megan you're awesome! I love that you're excited about it - because I'm excited about it too :) It's one entry per person. You can get the extra entry by posting it on facebook, twitter, or blog and you already did that because you rock. You should invite me to your blog because I was denied access haha. lwph.blog@gmail.com

    12. I linked your blog on facebook and tagged you in it! Yay for my second entry! Now...if only I could get more...

    13. OK... I love the apron as #1, however, they are all awesome!! Dorshan@gmail.com I think my red hair would look amazing with those colors. ALSO -it would be perfect to hide my growing belly from eating too much while I bake... LOL I followed and I'll share on FB. :) Congrats on your 100 post.

    14. Totally added you! I think I had once, but used a wrong email (maybe an old unt email that was on facebook). The only reason I don't have my blog open is I don't want creepy stalkers (people I don't know) to follow me here! They can use facebook, and everything else. Let me know if you still have problems viewing my blog.
      Thanks for letting me know!

    15. I want the lunchbox. I like it. A lot.

    16. Your blog is now on my facebook. I love you that much...or maybe the lunchbox =)

    17. hi my name is blair. hehe :)

      i want to try and win the awesome lunch box.. cause i think you could pack a mean lunch in that thing :) and stay healthy and not eat mcdonalds kids meal cheeseburgers everyday on your lunch break.. not that i do that...... .. .

    18. I posted this on facebook...just a heads up. And yes, it's 4:30 am the morning of my wedding and I am commenting on your blog.

    19. Hey Jen! I just love reading your blog... so fun! And your baby is adorable... can't wait to have one of my own one day. I love reading from young mothers, kind of gives me an idea on what I have to look forward to!

      I'm rooting for #2. Gotta help my fiance pack healthier lunches!! :-)


    20. Jen!!!! (yes, I am feeling that excited!)

      Melissa Dawn Anderson. and09025@byui.edu (or fxychc313@gmail.com)

      I would shoot for #3 myself. I love music waaaaay too much for my own good it oft times feels. As for the apron, flour seems to cover me from head to toe ALL THE TIME. It is my gift and my curse. ;)

      To be honest, I might have picked the bento box... okay, would have picked it first, but I have quite the collection of tin lunch boxes already which I do thankfully realize is a horse of a different color, but still...

    21. I think you have my info :)

      I want #2 because I need a lunch box for school, and I do not happen to have one because none of the ones I have seen are not cool enough.And the one you have is. and I would be able to take real food in that lunch box unlike any other lunch box

    22. My name is Garrett Ferguson and I married the most amazing woman in the world 2 days ago. I would like #3 for that amazing wife of mine because I know she would look amazing in that apron. And eventually we are going to make beautiful babies so that kid book would be helpful.

    23. It's funny seeing what everyone wants to win:) I'd take anything if I won--I just love WINNING!! Funny, I thought I was already a "follower" of your blog before I went to enter your giveaway, but I guess somehow I missed that earlier.


    24. I'd like the Bento Box so I can be cool like Allan.

    25. Yay!! I finally got to this, just in time! I'm going for Prize #3, it includes stuff both steve and I can enjoy, music, reading and me cooking a meal...I probably shouldn't cook without an apron! Besides we would most likely fight over that lunchbox! I'll be crossing my fingers from now until tomorrow:)

    26. Just posted it to my facebook!! Once again I'm shooting for prize #3:)

      By the way this is Emily Anderson...emhop83@yahoo.com !!!

    27. Hey Jen! It was so nice to see you guys while I was in town. I would love to win the apron because I LOVE the design and def. could use an apron to motivate me to get into the cooking/baking wife mode. Haha. I would also love the lunch box, because I take my work to lunch almost every day, and having it be organized would make my life a million times easier.

      Hope you guys have a happy new year!

    28. Hey Jen! It's Robin! I would like to win prize number three! I love music, and the apron is just so darn cute, I gotta have it! Hey, maybe Ill learn to cook like dad! But its just that cute, and I'm all for cute things! I would like to win the cd, because I love music, and I've been in choir since I was nine, so I also love to sing, and singing along with a cd is just COOL!