23 June 2011

my take on in-n-out

okay, so I had been waiting quite some time to go to in-n-out. I had heard GREAT things about them but there was no way a burger could be good enough for me to wait 2 hours. Yes, some people waited 2 hours! In the rain! We tried to go about a month after but the drive thru line was still 45 minutes. You know I did about a 6-point turn out of that drive thru line. [did anyone else read the last line in Gus' voice from Psych? am I the only one?!]

finally, a month and a half passed [or so] and we decided to brave it on a Tuesday night around 9:00PM. Perfect time to go apparently. No line, got a table fast. I've been twice now and here is my take on the joint. I learned a few things and the 2nd trip was much better. some may not apply once business calms down a bit :)

always go in. even if you get it to go. 
if tables are full, just get it to go. the customers are ruthless! [stealing table after table from a party with 3 kids]
get the neopolitan milkshake. i guess it's one of their "secret menu items" and it's delicious!
get everything animal style. burgers. fries. whatever you can put it on. but especially the fries. 
a burger for $2.50 that can compete with a $6 burger easily.

It made for a perfect date night. $9.00 dinner and X-Men: First Class for free [had passes from when we saw Eclipse back in June 2010 and the sound went out for a few minutes. that's how often we get to go to the movies now-a-days.] 

Thanks for the wonderful date night, hubster!
and thanks to Jimbo for watching H!

Guess what I get to start my weekend with? A trip to the dentist to see if I have to get a root canal. Uuuuurgggg. 

-Little Wife Power House

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