06 May 2011

what i love about being a mother...

As you'll see below, this post is by my awesome sister, Lori. She has two adorable baby boys who are the center of her life [along with her hubby Robert, of course!] She is a dedicated Montessori enthusiast, caring person, and amazing mother! Visit her blog here and enjoy her post about motherhood! 

...by Jen's awesome sister, Lori

I perfectly remember the days my sons were born. When I saw them for the first time, my heart filled with an enormous amount of joy and I became overwhelmed with emotion. I loved them so much in that single moment that I never imagined I could love them more. Of course, I was mistaken. I loved them more as I nursed them, even more with every skin-to-skin cuddle...and everyday, I love them more with every kiss, hug and snuggle.

As I write, I hear the little voices partaking in imaginative play....those little giggles make my heart sing. The little vroom vrooms fill the air and sometimes it's {almost} as if my heart could burst it's so full. See, I was once a working mom. I know what it's like to miss out on these sounds. It's made me cherish them even more. Like the day my little Asher completed his first somersault and I was present for his look of surprise as he actually made it over. It's moments like those that make being a mother priceless.

Jen asked me to write about what I love most about being a mother....

I love celebrating the small things.

I love re-experiencing the world through my sons' fresh perspective.

I love holding sticky hands and receiving exuberant kisses.

I love it when they rush to me when I return home and hug onto my legs.

I love it all.

I even love all the normal monotonous mommy duties. Motherhood can be repetitious...change a diaper, serve a meal, wash sticky hands and face, play, teach...repeat. It can be easy to loose sight of the end goal amongst all the repetition, but over time we realize these repetitive acts lead to marvelous results. Like these...

Happy Mother's Day!

***Lori blogs daily at Montessori MOMents and new visitors make her smile. :)


  1. It looks PERFECT! You must have figured it all out :) Thanks for sharing your sweet pictures and reminding us all that it's the little things that make life worthwhile :)

  2. Great post! I couldnt have said it better!

  3. What a sweet post from the sweetest mommy! You always know how to put it into words perfectly! I hope you all have a wonderful Mother's Day! Love!!!!