20 March 2011

play date with baby benjamin!

sallie's SIL, Danielle, has a super cute 4 1/2 month old baby boy, Benjamin. He has the sweetest disposition and loves to make noises with his mouth! This was the first time holden has interacted with a baby close-ish to his age and it was awesome to watch! Obviously since Baby Benjamin [hereafter known as BB!] was younger, he wasn't as interested in Holden but man, H loved pointing at BB...especially his sweet, chubby cheeks! We got some great pictures of them standing together and here they are in the order taken...

[hmm...who is this giant baby in front of me?]

[uhhhh dad, I'm not so sure about this!!]

[hey, there buddy.]

[they warmed up to each other pretty quickly. I'd say they left as friends :)]


I love these pictures of H & BB! I wish Holden had more "friends" around his age to have play dates with. Thanks for letting us play with your cute baby, Danielle!

By the way, we landed in Lubbock, TX last night for a breather before making the trek home to Dallas today. Pray for us that H will be as good today as he was yesterday :) Even if he isn't...at least it's a short trip...

-Little Wife Power House

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