01 January 2011

and the winners are...

My first giveaway is officially over! I had so much fun and I hope you all did too :) I used a random number generator for both prizes [#2 & #3] and the winners are...

#2 the bento box:
Blair Andrews

#3 the CD, apron, and book:
Emily Anderson

Two amazing ladies! Blair is getting married in May so she can get some practice packing lunches for her soon-to-be husband. I know Blair will appreciate how organized this box is! Emily is my sister-in-law [no! I didn't rig it :P]. I'm so happy she won! She deserves it because she is always getting things for other people [one of the most selfless people I know] so I'm glad she's getting something for herself. I have you ladies' addresses so no need to send them. Love you guys! 

What should Little Wife Power House do for my next giveaway? 


-Little Wife Power House


  1. What a most beautiful way to start the new year!! Thank you so much, you've made by 2011 so far:) Love ya!