14 December 2010

holden shopping

So I mentioned before that I have a holden shopping problem, right? Well this time it's okay because I haven't been able to think of things that I want for Christmas. I've been able to think of plenty of things I want to buy mr. h for Christmas. Perfect solution! Get the H man [too many nicknames in one post?] Christmas presents instead of me! Here is what I got: 

I saw the Zzzoolight [the elephant lamp] in People magazine a few months ago and I've been wanting to get it ever since. I found all of these items here. It was either spend $20 on shipping or spend $20 more shopping and get free shipping. I chose the latter. That's how they getcha! I love the items though. Isn't the T-Rex Teether cute? 

Merry Christmas to me!

-Little Wife Power House

PS Holden just rolled from his back to his stomach for me!! Proud momma moment!!!


  1. It's literally a "White elephant gift"! LOL

  2. I love all 3. You got some great things. That Holden is spoiled rotten. ;)

  3. Haha, Amy! It is! And Lori, he is totally spoiled rotten! It's my fault... :) They shouldn't make baby stuff so darn cute!