02 November 2010

frisco heritage museum

I'm sure some of you are getting really bored with my gratitude posts so I'm going to make sure and still post fun things we do. Last week Holden & I went to the Frisco Heritage Museum with Lori and the boys. For those in the Frisco area with young children, it was actually pretty fun and really cheap - just $4! We got to see old cars:

{This was a car from 1916}

They had a retro-style living room which was so fun! I actually want one of these TV's (with a HD screen :P) in my house!

{Holden is sitting up really well now-a-days!}

Holden and Ash got some "cousin time." It's funny because they look almost nothing alike! Asher & JR have tan skin and dark hair while Holden has very fair skin and red hair (both from me...hope he doesn't resent me later :P). They love each other none the less!

They also had a train section, king cotton section, and a quilting section. Overall, it was a win! Older children (3+) would enjoy it more but Asher still had a great time.

-Little Wife Power House

P.S. I have a phone again! Happy day!! 

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