26 October 2010

holden's version of talking

I could listen to this forever. I love listening to him talk. He sometimes even "sings" with me when I sing to him. Holden has also entered the "soprano stage" where he squeals at a high pitch over and over again. It's kind of a game we play. He squeals, I squeal back at him, and so on. I'll do anything to hear that high-pitched squeal because it cracks me up :P. 


-Little Wife Power House


  1. Um...I clicked on the video and it said it was a private video and you had to send me a link???? Am I invited or what? LOL

  2. 1. Holden is the cutest thing on the planet.
    2. I love that you sing with him becuase I can't even picture you singing, except with Holden and that is adorable.
    3. THIS MAKES ME WANT A BABY SO BAD. Then I think of poopy diapers and tired nights and I suddently can wait a while.
    4. HOpefully garrett doesn't see this.

  3. That kind of Vocal Play is one of the best tools for language development, as I have learned in my Kindermusik training. :-)