26 June 2011

I've moved!

Okay, everyone. I've had some issues with blogger's text/picture formatting...commenting...etc...so I've decided to make the leap that everyone seems to be making now-a-days to Wordpress! Visit my new site HERE. Same blog, same posts, same little wife power house, new URL. Head on over and show me some love :) 

-Little Wife Power House

25 June 2011


I don't know about you but nothing says summer like a popsicle to me. Kids seem to want them all the time. I came across this fabulous [and healthy!] alternative to the popsicle. Kids could snack on these during the day after playing outside and you'll feel good about giving it to them! 


All you need is grapes, bamboo skewers, and a freezer. My only tip is to chop the sharp end of the skewer off if giving them to little ones. Find my inspiration and the oh so very difficult [enter sarcasm] step-by-step process here. Seriously though, I've had two since yesterday. What a genius idea because really--who doesn't love frozen grapes!?

-Little Wife Power House

23 June 2011

my take on in-n-out

okay, so I had been waiting quite some time to go to in-n-out. I had heard GREAT things about them but there was no way a burger could be good enough for me to wait 2 hours. Yes, some people waited 2 hours! In the rain! We tried to go about a month after but the drive thru line was still 45 minutes. You know I did about a 6-point turn out of that drive thru line. [did anyone else read the last line in Gus' voice from Psych? am I the only one?!]

finally, a month and a half passed [or so] and we decided to brave it on a Tuesday night around 9:00PM. Perfect time to go apparently. No line, got a table fast. I've been twice now and here is my take on the joint. I learned a few things and the 2nd trip was much better. some may not apply once business calms down a bit :)

always go in. even if you get it to go. 
if tables are full, just get it to go. the customers are ruthless! [stealing table after table from a party with 3 kids]
get the neopolitan milkshake. i guess it's one of their "secret menu items" and it's delicious!
get everything animal style. burgers. fries. whatever you can put it on. but especially the fries. 
a burger for $2.50 that can compete with a $6 burger easily.

It made for a perfect date night. $9.00 dinner and X-Men: First Class for free [had passes from when we saw Eclipse back in June 2010 and the sound went out for a few minutes. that's how often we get to go to the movies now-a-days.] 

Thanks for the wonderful date night, hubster!
and thanks to Jimbo for watching H!

Guess what I get to start my weekend with? A trip to the dentist to see if I have to get a root canal. Uuuuurgggg. 

-Little Wife Power House

22 June 2011

wish list wednesday

so I think I'm going to start something new. I blogged about pinterest last week. I LOVE it! I find so many great ideas and as I'm sure you can guess, my wish list has grown. So every week I'll be back here showing my great finds for the week on Wist List Wednesday! I find so many great things and love storing them in the back of my head for days when we have a little extra cash. Some are do-able, some are not...but hey, a girl can look!
complete genius. [designer.] not sure how to buy it though. 
[modcloth. $65. currently sold out.]
[via etsy. I was too slow. sold!]

Enjoy! What are on your Wist Lists?

-Little Wife Power House

it finally happened

did you know that carrying
baby + tray of cinnamon rolls + diaper bag + bottle + iPad + trying to lock the door
equals this?

shoulda seen it coming. it was safe in my diaper bag though. that's usually a safe bet, no? it slipped out the side pocked and landed smack on its face. it was just a matter of time. hopefully I can find someone to repair it for as little money as possible.

-Little Wife Power House

21 June 2011

a new haircut

I gave Holden what I think is his third "trim" last night. He has kind of crazy hair. It grows longer in some areas and turns into somewhat of a mullet in the back. Don't get me wrong, I love baby mullets. Just felt like time for a trim :) 

Put him in the bath, got his hair wet, and went to work. Doing the front and sides was actually much easier--I think because he could tell what I was doing. The back? aye. It was tricky to get it straight. Needless to say I had to go back and do "touch ups." 

I wanted to show everyone--holden had other ideas. here we are trying to get a picture...

Finally got one--of the back! Only because I snuck up and he didn't know I was there. I couldn't get rid of those little hairs though. I don't have all the tools :) 

A note to holden--I love you and I cannot wait for this tooth to come through. your fiery red-head personality is sure coming out!

-Little Wife Power House

19 June 2011

Happy Father's Day!

Today we are celebrating Allan's first official Father's Day. We started the day off with presents and breakfast in bed! What better way could you start the day? Snuggling your baby? We did that too!

Allan has been wanting a macbook air for quite some time. For those of you that know allan or who have been to our house, you're probably thinking, "ANOTHER COMPUTER?!" Yeah, me too. He told me when we got married that he would probably get a new computer every two years. I just thought he was kidding...nope! His presents this year were $$$ towards a macbook air...

[I made a faux macbook air...they're paperthin now-a-days! and yes, I know the apple is the wrong way, I wanted it right side up when he looked at it.]

...and a Doofenshmirtz "action figure" for his desk at work [any phineas & ferb fans?] Okay, you might think the second one is weird but my hubby is obsessed with Phineas and Ferb! Obsessed!

You are the best father to Holden. You love him so much and he loves you to the moon & back! I love watching you as a dad. Makes you even hotter ;) 

...and Happy Father's Day to all of the fathers celebrating their big day today. You guys deserve it! Especially to my dad, dad-in-law, Robert, Babe, and Steve [almost dad!] who I love so much and am so grateful to have in my life. 

-Little Wife Power House